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Storage boxes & baskets

Do you often run out of storage spaces? IKEA storage boxes and storage baskets are all what you need to organize your clothes, paper & media and your children's toys. No more clutters all around your space. Discover IKEA's wide collection and buy storage boxes now online.

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More variantsKUGGIS Box with lid 13x18x8 cm

KUGGIS Box with lid, transparent black, 26x35x15 cmKUGGIS Box with lid, transparent black, 18x26x8 cmKUGGIS Box with lid, transparent black, 37x54x21 cm

More variantsDRÖNA Box 33x38x33 cm

DRÖNA Box, beige/dotted, 33x38x33 cmDRÖNA Box, patterned green/beige, 33x38x33 cmDRÖNA Box, dark grey, 33x38x33 cm

More variantsTJABBIG Basket 15x13 cm

TJABBIG Basket, natural, 25x23 cm

More variantsVARIERA Box 24x17 cm

VARIERA Box, grey, 24x17 cmVARIERA Box, green, 24x17 cmVARIERA Box, black, 24x17 cm

More variantsNOJIG Organiser 10x10x5 cm

NOJIG Organiser, plastic/beige, 25x35x5 cmNOJIG Organiser, plastic/beige, 10x20x5 cmNOJIG Organiser, plastic/beige, 20x25x10 cm

More variantsBRANÄS Basket 32x34x32 cm

BRANÄS Basket, dark grey, 32x34x32 cm

More variantsRISATORP Basket with compartments 33x24x23 cm

RISATORP Basket with compartments, 33x24x11 cm

More variantsVESSLA Storage crate with castors 39x39 cm

VESSLA Storage crate with castors, blue, 39x39 cmVESSLA Storage crate with castors, light pink, 39x39 cm

More variantsTJENA Storage box with lid 18x25x15 cm

TJENA Storage box with lid, white, 25x35x20 cmTJENA Storage box with lid, white, 32x35x32 cmTJENA Storage box with lid, white, 35x50x30 cm
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Organisation by the box

There are few storage challenges that can’t be solved with the right box. Take KUGGIS boxes, for instance. Stylish, stackable, lidded, and available in different sizes. Let the decluttering begin.

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A white IKEA PS cabinet with one of the doors open revealing white KUGGIS boxes, books and craft supplies.
    Paperwork and office accessories organised in KUGGIS boxes, a KVISSLE letter tray, in a shelving unit and on a pegboard.
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