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VIHALS series

Change, hide, play and display! VIHALS series’ functional asymmetry lets you optimise your storage no matter the shape of your things. Thanks to the seamless design, the units work alone as well as combined and are easy to adapt and personalise with boxes, inserts, lighting, and other accessories.

Sleek and adaptable for anywhere at home

Looking for do-it-all storage units that you can use in small spaces? Or flexible furniture for multifunctional rooms? You’re in the right place. The VIHALS series features easy-to-combine shelving units, wardrobes, coffee tables and bedside tables (and more) with a simple and modern design. All with a price that’s easy to love.

A living room with a white VIHALS shelving combination with white magazine files, baskets, a lamp and other decorative items.
A bedroom with beige walls and a white VIHALS wardrobe combination with three white boxes with lids on top.

Simple storage units with big possibilities

With its sleek and simple design, VIHALS storage units coordinate easily with pieces from the same series, or with furniture you already own. Whether it is a solitaire or a larger combo, you can adapt it as your needs change. Well-thought-out details such as aligned shelving create a cohesive expression throughout your home.

A white VIHALS storage combination with boxes, books and tableware in a living/dining area with a curtain used as a divider.

Perfect for small spaces and multi-use rooms

When it comes to compact living, multifunctional and easy-to-move furniture is key. Just like this VIHALS coffee table. Simply roll it away wherever you need it. With roomy shelves underneath, you can display whatever you like, or store things with the help of boxes and baskets.

A white VIHALS coffee table with books on its shelves, in front of a sofa against a wall with three framed artworks.
A white VIHALS bedside table with a glass of water, an alarm clock, books, and other items beside a grey PÄRUP sofa-bed.

Side table by day, bedside table by night

Is the living room also your bedroom? No problem. We designed this table to simply roll away wherever you need it. At night, you can have it as a bedside table to keep essentials close by.

Open or closed storage? It’s up to you.

You can hide away things and choose units with doors for a streamlined look. Or go for open storage and show off your style. You can add accessories and boxes that fit perfectly on the shelves.

Wherever-you-need-it storage for everyday simplicity

Simple, adaptable storage can stay with you through lots of life changes, and these clean and elegant combinations are no exception. Mix a sideboard with doors with a TV bench with open storage – the aligned shelving makes for a cohesive look. A wardrobe with an integrated full-length mirror – a clever solution for smaller spaces – makes getting ready a dream to do.

A white VIHALS wardrobe with one door open showing boxes, folded clothes and bags on the shelves inside.
A white VIHALS side board and TV bench with a TV above along a wall at the end of a GLADSTAD bed with pictures behind.
Hands putting together a white VIHALS bedside table by connecting smart fittings into pre-drilled holes.

VIHALS storage units’ frames are put together using smart fittings that conveniently press into pre-drilled holes.