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Vases & bowls

Even if you try, it’s hard to keep your eyes off them. Vases are attention getters as centrepieces on a table or small accents on a shelf. With our range of sizes, materials and shapes, at least one will catch your eye – whether that’s a blue glass vase, a white steel pitcher or something else.

Let the flowers do the talking – but give them a loudspeaker

A blossoming bouquet always makes your home look great. Pairing it with the right vase makes it even better. Combine the Scandinavian design of the new KOPPARBJÖRK vase with your favourite flowers or budding branch. Together, they’re sure to make twice the noise.

Blooming yellow flowers and bulbs, placed in a bright yellow KOPPARBJÖRK vase on a cream-coloured surface.
KOPPARBJÖRK vases placed in two neatly arranged rows, some of the vases holding vibrant, long-stemmed flowers.

Give every bouquet a little dose of charm

It’s time to give your precious blooms a beautiful vase to thrive in. Find one that reflect your personality and gives your flowers the attention they deserve.

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A clear glass BEGÄRLIG vase with beautiful wild flowers on a wooden table. Daylight coming though a window behind it.
In a light-filled window are a green-brown KONSTFULL glass vase with a pink flower and a larger vase in clear glass.
Two SMÄLLSPIREA vases in old-fashioned glass, matched with a small tealight holder in glass that has the same design.
On a light and beautiful table setting with two white plates filled with sallad is a BERÄKNA glass vas with flowers.
A bright green ÄRTBUSKE watering can with a design inspired by cactuses standing in a window with a leafy plant in the front.
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Vases in different sizes and shapes holding colourful flowers, all set on a table with a light tablecloth next to a window.

How to choose the right vase for your flowers

It’s all about proportions. A wide bouquet looks best in a wide vase – and then there are those vases that make a single long-stemmed flower stand out. Here are a few more tips for choosing the right vase.

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