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Outdoor pots & plants

Turn your outdoor areas into an oasis of green. We’ve got all you need to stretch your green thumbs no matter how much space you’ve got to play with. Check our refreshing nursery of plants with outdoor pots to pop them in — as well as plant supports and garden trellis to help them grow.

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More optionsHYLLIS Shelving unit with cover 60x27x140 cm

HYLLIS Shelving unit with cover, transparent, 60x27x74 cm

More optionsTOMAT Spray bottle 35 cl

TOMAT Spray bottle, light green, 35 cl

More optionsNYPON Plant pot 24 cm

NYPON Plant pot, in/outdoor pale blue, 9 cmNYPON Plant pot, in/outdoor pale blue, 12 cmNYPON Plant pot, in/outdoor grey, 12 cm

More optionsFÖRENLIG Plant pot 12 cm

FÖRENLIG Plant pot, in/outdoor pink, 12 cmFÖRENLIG Plant pot, in/outdoor pink, 9 cmFÖRENLIG Plant pot, in/outdoor white, 24 cm

More optionsBRUNBÄR Plant pot with saucer 12 cm

BRUNBÄR Plant pot with saucer, outdoor terracotta, 15 cm

More optionsGRADVIS Plant pot 6 cm

GRADVIS Plant pot, in/outdoor black, 15 cmGRADVIS Plant pot, in/outdoor black, 12 cm

More optionsCHIAFRÖN Plant pot 12 cm

CHIAFRÖN Plant pot, in/outdoor white, 15 cm

More optionsMUSKOTBLOMMA Plant pot with saucer 12 cm

MUSKOTBLOMMA Plant pot with saucer, in/outdoor terracotta, 15 cm

More optionsSESAMFRÖN Plant pot 12 cm

SESAMFRÖN Plant pot, in/outdoor off-white, 9 cm

More optionsRÅGKORN Plant pot 24 cm

RÅGKORN Plant pot, in/outdoor dark grey/beige, 32 cm

More optionsSKOGSVINBÄR Plant pot 12 cm

SKOGSVINBÄR Plant pot, in/outdoor grey, 9 cmSKOGSVINBÄR Plant pot, in/outdoor grey, 15 cmSKOGSVINBÄR Plant pot, in/outdoor black-green, 15 cm

More optionsCITRUSFRUKT Plant pot with saucer 15 cm

CITRUSFRUKT Plant pot with saucer, in/outdoor grey, 12 cm

More optionsCHILIFRUKT Vase/watering can 21 cm

CHILIFRUKT Vase/watering can, bright yellow, 17 cm
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