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Outdoor kitchen & accessories

Your barbecue’s best friends

Boost your outdoor meals with the GRILLTIDER series. These little helpers make cooking and dining outside more practical and enjoyable. Barbecue tools, plates, serving trays, bowls for dip sauce, oven gloves... The more, the merrier!

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A top view of a person seasoning vegetables threaded on GRILLTIDER skewers and placed in a GRILLTIDER serving tray.
A close-up of a hand holding a GRILLTIDER barbecue brush over a GRILLTIDER bowl in stainless steel with seasoning in it.
An ARTISTISK chopping board on a worktop with some GRILLTIDER serving baskets and GRILLTIDER bowls for dip sauce on it.
A dark grey BÅTSKÄR unit with open doors with several GRILLTIDER plates, trays, barbecue tools and bowls inside.
A close-up of a person wearing a GRILLTIDER oven glove and GRILLTIDER apron and holding a tray with some vegetables in it.
See all outdoor cooking & grill accessories

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