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OMAR system

Since 2003, our OMAR system has been a global favourite in pantries, laundry rooms, garages, hallways and more. When customers asked for improvements to OMAR system, we collaborated to make a shelf liner and clip-on basket. Boost your décor and grab-and-go storage by using them as kitchen shelves.

An OMAR shelving unit with clothes rail standing by a door in a hallway with jackets, bags and shoes on it.
    An OMAR shelving unit with clothes rail with clothes hung on black hangers and neatly folded knitwear and a cap on the shelf.
    The top of the open wire shelf of the OMAR shelving unit showing each shelf holding different-sized white bowls.
    An OMAR 1 shelf section on a balcony with various boxes, potted plants and water bottles on its shelves.
    An OMAR shelving unit on top and in the corner of a kitchen counter with plates, bowls and a potted plant on its shelves.
    Two OMAR shelving units with clothes rail with colourful clothes hanging on the rails and sneakers on the lower shelves.

      A sleek new home for your clothes

      The new OMAR shelving unit with clothes rail is great for storing and hanging clothes and accessories in your bedroom, hallway or a flexible do-it-all room. It’s stylish, practical and great for small spaces.