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Delicious smells, a warm kitchen and homemade bread or chocolate cake to look forward to. Baking is creative fun that kids and grown-ups love to share. And with the right tools like non-stick tins and pastry cutters in lots of interesting shapes, you’re all set to mix, bake, decorate and eat!

Jars, mixing cups and bowls for baking projects large and small

Baking with the family is a great way to have fun together while you make tasty treats. Enjoy bakeware of all shapes and sizes and open the kitchen door to cooking for the whole family.

A person holds a KORKEN jar with lid, and a child adds chocolate chips to SOMMARFLOX baking cups. Two KORKEN jars are nearby.
A VISPAD mixing bowl with batter is on a worktop. Eggshells and a VARDAGEN measuring jug and measuring cup are nearby.

The non-sticky way to sticky treats

The new MÅNTAGG springform pan, muffin tin and other bakeware turn your next baking session into a smooth ride. The durable steel construction ensures even heat distribution, while the non-stick coating makes for easy release. Bye, sticky pans – hello, perfect pastries and cakes. Sweet!

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A MÅNTAGG non-stick muffin tin, springform pan, roasting tin and a loaf tin neatly arranged on bright yellow surface.
The section of a dark-grey MÅNTAGG non-stick springform pan where the hasp-and-clasp locking mechanism is located.
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