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It’s time to try the new STOLPA clocks!

Playful in style, STOLPA wall and table clocks, designed by Henrik Preutz, have touch and sound sensors that make light work of timekeeping.

White and yellow clocks of different sizes.
White and yellow clocks of different sizes.

A clever touch Tap the yellow STOLPA table clock to see its outer ring illuminate for a few seconds – a great function for the bedside. And the silent quartz movement means you won’t be kept awake by noisy ticking sounds!

Sound sensitive The white STOLPA wall clock has a built-in sound sensor that lights up to noise – for example, a clap. Additionally, a built-in light sensor adjusts the light to save battery life.

Thoughtful design Having been a designer for IKEA since 2003, Henrik Preutz knows a thing or two about making great products for everyday life at home. ‘I really like the challenge of working with low-priced products, because I have to think hard about what kind of materials to use in order to make a good product that’s sustainable and long-lasting.’

STOLPA clocks are available in-store and online now