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Home visit: easy indoor gardening with kids

Not everyone has outdoor space that works for gardening, but by turning your kitchen into a greenhouse you can share the joys of growing indoors with the whole family…

A white kitchen windowsill lined with potted plants, cuttings and a sprout box.
A white kitchen windowsill lined with potted plants, cuttings and a sprout box.

So, you’ve started with fresh cuttings on the windowsill and want to take home-growing to the next level. Ilaria’s family tried out the VÄXER hydroponics kit, a way of growing plants using water, instead of soil. It makes nurturing seedlings easy – even for little fingers. And the process can be just as fun as the end result (lettuce, basil, rocket… you name it!) if you create labels to help judge which seeds win the growing race. Ilaria’s family found an ideal spot in their kitchen where there’s lots of natural light, but you can always add a cultivation lamp.

When Ilaria and Alberto relocated from rural villages to their home in the city, they had to find more creative ways of growing their own food: ‘We have a rooftop garden here in Eindhoven, but it’s not safe for the kids, so growing in the kitchen means that they don’t miss out on learning where food comes from,’ says Ilaria.

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