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Home visit: a gaming zone for two or lots more

Gaming together is how this couple unwind. See how rethinking their games corner, by adding flexible furniture and smart storage, made it more comfortable and easier to open up the space for friends to play along.

A brightly coloured room with sofa and games console.
A brightly coloured room with sofa and games console.

Interior designer Åsa Dyberg turned a corner of Toni and James Bee’s loft into a gaming-friendly space with a few easy ideas. ‘This is a multi-use space, on one side is a living/gaming area, on the other there’s an office. My first thought was to get the couple a larger sofa to zone off the TV/gaming corner. I went for a sofabed, so they now have somewhere for guests to stay at the end of a night’s gaming! The TV, which is the focal point of the space, was sitting on a high unit with open shelves. I swapped this for two low units that are a better height for watching TV and have doors to shut away clutter so the space feels calm. Finally, I added extra seating. But each piece has more than one use – the pouffe can be a table, the footstools have storage space built in, and all are easy to move around.’

‘Gaming is becoming more and more accepted as an adult activity,’ says Toni. ‘A new café has just opened around the corner for adults to play board games while drinking and eating with friends. I love that idea. I think it’s important for adults to embrace play more and to have fun.’

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Interior stylist: Åsa Dyberg
Photographer: Polly Wreford