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Plants & flowers

Make space in your home for plants. You’ll feel better for it. Not only are they beautiful, but caring for them helps us slow down and treasure the here and now. We have a wide range to choose from, including cacti and orchids. And you might like to check out our plant pots, too.

A new way to get your green on

If you’re looking for a greener aesthetic to your room, try an artificial plant. Zero maintenance required, you get the visual impact of being surrounded by lush vegetation without the work that goes into maintaining a green space. Combine with other plants to bring calm and tranquility to your environment.

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A FEJKA plant with moss balls and cascading leaves sit on a white ledge against a white wall in a light-filled room.
Light shines on a close up of a moss ball of a FEJKA plant that hangs down on a string. The light gives a rippled effect.
See all artificial plants & flowers