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Home fragrance

How do you want your home to smell? Fresh? Flowery? A home fragrance helps set the atmosphere and can help your mood, too – like relaxing lavender. So take a deep breath and find a room fragrance you love. (Since your screen won’t offer much of a sample, a store visit may be in order. Yay!)

A delight for your senses

Scented candles are an easy and inexpensive way to instantly freshen and invigorate your home. A soft flickering flame gives a cosy ambience, while the scent you choose has the power to affect your mood. Try sensuous and romantic rose, relaxing lavender to unwind, or grapefruit to feel energised.

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From an aerial view, a hand lights a candle inside an ÄDELTUJA candle holder next to a plate of thinly sliced cucumber.
Next to a plate of thinly sliced cucumber, is an ÄDELTUJA candle. There are margerita glasses with lime in the background.
See all seasonal home scent series