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The final frontier in space toys

Excite your little ones with dreams of flying their own rocket ship, spotting UFOs or meeting strange beings from other planets. This intergalactic space collection with planetary rug and space explorer soft toys will transport your budding astronauts’ imaginations into another realm.

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Video: A parent and child play with coloured balls on top of an AFTONSPARV planetary rug against a black background.
Standing next to their parent, a child hangs a small spacesuit onto an indoor washing line. A soft toy cat is hangs there.
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When tidying up is child’s play

These storage solutions make tidying up easy and fun for children. With different combinations of sizes and colours, these convenient cupboards and frames with boxes, inserts and trays can fit into any room and are simple to adapt and add to as they grow.

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A white SMÅSTAD wall cabinet is on a yellow wall, with BARNDRÖM boxes on its shelves, and a folded children’s tent beside it.
TROFAST storage sits along a wall underneath coloured hooks with bags and clothing hanging. Roller skates are on the floor.
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