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Chests of drawers & drawer units

A chest of drawers that suits you, your clothes and your space means no more cold mornings searching for your socks. Ours come in styles that match our wardrobes and in different sizes so you can use them around your home, for instance a tall chest of drawers in a narrow hall.

Small drawers that are surprisingly spacious

Don’t be deceived by its looks. This MALM chest of drawers is a generous host for clothes or all those bits and bobs that need a good home.

See the MALM series
Video: Close-ups of a white MALM chest of 2 drawers to showing an endless line of clothes being pulled from its bottom drawer.
A white MALM chest of 2 drawers in a white studio space. The bottom drawer is open, with orange sweatpants hanging out.
See the MALM series

Give your chest of drawers a twin

Good things always come in twos – and that includes chests of drawers. So if you love yours, why not go for the double? Whether you want to channel a sleek and modern vibe, or embrace the rustic and traditional, you’ll get twice the storage to keep things under control – along with infinite style.

Two white VIHALS chests of 4 drawers beside each other. One has a chrome-plated MODERMOLN work lamp and a glass vase on top.
Two grey HAUGA chests of 3 drawers stand in a hallway underneath a RÅMEBO mirror attached to a wall.