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Bath textiles

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Towels and textiles for a fresh bathroom

When other parts of your home get a spring makeover, why not include your bathroom in the effort? Replacing worn towels and mismatching textiles with coordinated ones will quickly make your bathroom spring fresh, too.

A bathroom with a white-and-turquoise shower curtain over an angular bath, several DIMFORSEN towels accessibly close to it.
    A grey OSBYSJÖN bath mat with fluffy white soap suds scattered across it.

      Softness and a style that’s more you

      As well as being really useful, towels give you great ways to add soft, warm touches to your bathroom and get a look that you love.

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      A BEKVÄM stepladder with towels including VÅGSJÖN hand towels and some bathroom accessories stands beside a bath.
        The wall of a bathroom with a shelf with a mirror on it and white VÅGSJÖN towels hanging from a SKOGSVIKEN towel rail.
        Some white VÅGSJÖN towels hang down from a towel rail on the wall of a sunny bathroom.
        Some towels including a dark green/mélange HIMLEÅN bath towel hang over a black SKOGSVIKEN towel rail.
        Some towels including a dark grey/mélange HIMLEÅN bath towel are piled on top of each other on the side of a bath.
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