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Armchairs & chaise longues

This armchair adds rustic charm to your home

The PERSBOL armchair has crafted details and a timeless design – a simple yet striking way to add character to any room. Designer Nike Karlsson says, “The traditional design creates a sense of familiarity, and the wood adds a warm and genuine feel, while the expression is light and airy.”

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A PERSBOL armchair with a cushion on top of it stands in a room with a guitar, glass-door cabinet, and potted plants.
A PERSBOL armchair in birch stands on a rug in a cosy living room, close to a coffee table and a sofa.
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An armchair inspired by shopping trolleys

When this armchair was originally produced in 1983, it was inspired by the trolley industry and their cost-efficient way of buying metal on large rolls. Luckily, the resemblance stops there. Although made mainly of steel, the SKÅLBODA armchair is surprisingly comfortable. And with a cushion, it’s even softer.

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Video: A man sits in a shopping cart doing thumbs down, then in a SKÅLBODA armchair inspired by a shopping cart, doing thumbs up.
A HAVSFJÄDER pendant lampshade hangs above two orange SKÅLBODA armchairs with white and orange NICKFIBBLA cushion covers.
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The chair that never goes out of fashion

An IKEA cult classic, the POÄNG armchair is just as popular now as it was when it was created in 1976. And it costs even less. The timeless sleek curved lines in solid wood offer maximum support for your head and neck, while the resilient seating area gives your body a feeling weightlessness.

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Part of a softly lit POÄNG armchair with a light-wood frame and a dark cover, in a room with a light-yellow tile floor.
A dark grey TERTIAL work lamp next to a birch veneer/beige POÄNG armchair and flatwoven LOHALS rug in the corner of a room.
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