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Study life your way

Starting college is a chance to get kitted out for a student life that suits you. Be inspired by different dorm styles in our Back to college launch and see ideas for getting your desk space organised. And don’t forget to stock up on nutritious meals that make energy levels last as long as your books.

    A white desk with a swivel chair on one side and a student sitting on the other side, all placed in a quirky student room.

    Be inspired by different study styles

    Starting college is a chance to be yourself or create yourself. To choose a style you like for your study space. Take a look at different ways of studying, from super-organised by a desk to cuddled up by your bed, and find your favourite!

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    Storage across dorms

    How do you stay organised in a dorm? It all comes down to storage. And having the right one for you. Do you prefer seeing what you have or hiding your stuff away? Take a look at our solutions with open or closed storage, as well as solutions on wheels which are great for adapting a room when sharing a space.

    Start school with flying colours

    Get your child ready for some joyful learning! Take a look at the Back to school campaign with desks that support through hours of homework (and playtime!). We also have the smaller items like chargers and snacks to keep the energy up.

    What's your favourite subject? Ours is organisation

    When living in a dorm or small flat, organisation is key. Take a look at how we're storing the small things like desk accessories to create a tidy workspace.

    Boost your energy for studying

    A dark-red tray table holding a bowl of porridge with raspberries, a bowl of nuts and a cup of coffee being poured.

    A morning boost before the books

    Give yourself the best conditions for a good day of studying by prepping with a slow breakfast. Make a tasty porridge that’s high in fibre and a source of protein, so keeps you full for longer. Savour your favourite hot drink, before you delve into the books.

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