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IKEA Shibuya Fotobox

Where the kawaii world of arcade photo booths collides with home furnishing solutions

The Fotobox, located on the 6th floor of IKEA Shibuya, is the shop's original photo booth.Step inside the PAX/パックス wardrobe and take a photo surrounded by the IKEA world, then decorate it with stickers of your choice. The photos you create can be downloaded to your smartphone for free.

IKEA Shibuya's soft toys enter the unknown world of Fotobox.

Have you ever wondered what the soft toys do after the shop closes?Take a peek at GOSIG GOLDEN/ゴーシグ ゴールデン, a golden retriever who has come to IKEA Shibuya for the first time in his life. Watch him experience the world of Fotobox, like never seen before.

Moving to a new place can be tough, but he soon makes new friends and finds happiness in his new home, IKEA Shibuya, after visiting the slightly different PAX wardrobe.

    Fotobox Instruction Manual

    The IKEA Assembly Character, usually found in product manuals to guide you through the assembly of furniture, will help you one step at a time, from how to strike the perfect pose to how to download the finished photos.

      Step 1. Enter the Fotobox

      Step 2. Select the number of people

      Step 3. Choose your four backgrounds

      Step 4. Strike four poses

      Step 5. Decorate with stickers and pens

      Step 6. Download the finished photos on your phone

      Fotobox ギャラリー 

      PAX/パックス ワードローブ wardrobe used for Fotobox

      With the PAX/パックス ワードローブhome-furnishing solutions, you can combine different depths and widths to fit your home space. You can also choose the design and type of door to suit the style of your room. In addition to storing your jackets or dresses that can be hung on hangers, we have interior organizers to store trousers, accessories and shoes neatly depending on your needs.