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A gallery of balcony, patio and outdoor space ideas

Enjoy the outdoor living room

Create a relaxing space on your balcony or garden.

Outdoor cooking season is here

The sun is shining, the days are long, life is good. No need to wait for a special occasion – with an outdoor kitchen and hot barbecue meals, you can make normal days feel like a celebration. Explore our flexible outdoor kitchens and barbecues here.

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See all BBQs

Create harmony with matching outdoor furniture

TORPARÖ series – Sleek, maintenance-free outdoor furniture that can fit even in small spaces
SJÄLLAND series – Stackable chairs, a bench, a table with a secret parasol holder, and more!
ÄPPLARÖ series – Timeless outdoor furniture made of acacia
JUTHOLMEN series - Modular seating made of easy-care plastic rattan and steel
TORDH system – Durable outdoor storage made of acacia

Small, medium or large? We’ve got your outdoor space covered.

No matter how much space you have, you can have your dream outdoor area with the right type of furniture and accessories.

A rug, some foldable chairs, a table and some plants make for a small yet do-it-all balcony.
Create an inviting space for relaxing with friends with comfortable outdoor furniture and stackable chairs that are easy to put away when not needed.
An extendable table with adjustable drop leaves and a wide roomy tabletop is more than big enough for all your guests, even the unexpected ones!

From bland to fabulous

Want to transform a bland space? Start with comfortable seating, an outdoor rug and a portable side table. Add potted plants and lighting chains for a mellow vibe. All that’s missing is you.

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A HUSARÖ outdoor armchair and side table, UTSUND lighting chains, GULLBERGSÖ cushions and SJÄLLAND bench in a communal yard.
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