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We bet you haven’t tried pasta the Swedish way – in the shape of elks! Ten minutes in boiling water with a pinch of salt and you’ve got organic durum pasta al dente that goes with almost anything.

Article Number704.414.39

Product details

The moose is the king of the Swedish forest, here in the form of durum pasta made from durum wheat.

Pasta goes well with meatballs, chicken balls, vegetable balls or salmon and cod balls. Add your sauce of choice and serve.

The durum wheat makes for firm pasta al dente.

The pasta is simple to cook and serve – just bring to a boil with a little salt for 10 minutes and then enjoy.


    Net weight: 400 g

    • BÄSTISARArticle Number704.414.39

      Width: 13 cm

      Height: 5 cm

      Length: 17 cm

      Weight: 0.43 kg

      Package(s): 1