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Installment Payment

Interest free up to 24 months (IKEA Family member benefits)

  • Apply immediately in the store without reservation
  • Minimum purchase of ¥50,000 and ¥3,000~ monthly payment required.
  • This service is available only with Pick and Delivery service.
  • Please visit IKEA store for application and ask for Sales staff on the shop floor.
  • Not applicable for IKEA Online store or IKEA Harajuku
  • For Business use, please see Installment service (IKEA for Business).

*Pease ask for applying 2 hours prior to the Store closing time.

Interest Rate

0% interest rate up to 24 months

*30 - 60 months interest rate: 5%

Monthly payment calculator

Please check your monthly payment in the simulation link below.
(Japanese Only. Minimum purchase to use Financing service is above 50,000 yen).

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