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IKEA Store facilities

The IKEA store offers a variety of facilities so that customers can enjoy shopping comfortably.
We also have a play area and a nursing room for children, so your whole family will have a fun day at the IKEA store.


There is a large parking area close to the elevator so that passengers with strollers and wheelchairs can easily get on and off. When loading large items or large quantities of goods, please use the loading area.

Parking fees:
IKEA Tokyo-Bay・IKEA Kohoku・IKEA Shinmisato・IKEA Kobe・IKEA Tsuruhama・IKEA Fukuoka Shingu・IKEA Nagakute are free all day

Please check parking fees for IKEA Tachikawa and IKEA sendai below.

IKEA Tachikawa
IKEA Sendai

IKEA Restaurant & Cafe

If you want to take a break while shopping, please use the IKEA restaurant and cafe on the 2nd floor of the IKEA store. You can enjoy delicious food at reasonable prices, including traditional Swedish dishes.

The IKEA Restaurant & Café has a children's menu, a play area where children can play, tableware and baby chairs for children, and a microwave oven for customers with children.

In addition, if you eat at the restaurant, we offer free bottled baby food for your kids. If you wish, please tell the staff at the time of checkout.
* please note that Baby food may be unavailable due to the limited number. 

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The bistro just outside the IKEA store 1F exit offers light meals such as hot dogs and soft cream. Please drop in before you leave.

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Swedish food market

We sell ingredients such as meatballs, salmon and hot docks offered at IKEA restaurants & cafes and bistros. There are many other items such as Swedish jams, sauces, seasonings, drinks and sweets. You can enjoy the Swedish taste at home.

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Småland(Play area)

Småland is a play area where children between 4 to 10 can feel Swedish forest atmosphere. While they are playing, you can enjoy your shopping for 60 minutes knowing your children will be safe and cared for.

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Play Areas & Kids Cinema

There are play areas throughout the shop where children can play happily even while shopping. There is also a children's cinema near Småland where children can watch movies. 

Shopping carts

We have shopping carts with seat for children. Maximum weight for Kids is 15 kg in weight.

Nursing room

There are nursing rooms at each store, near the entrance on the 1st floor and next to the IKEA restaurant and cafe on the 2nd floor. Ask your local staff for hot water facilities.


An ATM is installed near the entrance on the 1st floor.

IKEA Tokyo-Bay: Seven Bank
IKEA Kohoku: Seven Bank
IKEA Shin Misato: Seven Bank
IKEA Tachikawa: Seven Bank
IKEA Kobe: Seven Bank
IKEA Tsuruhama: Seven Bank
IKEA Fukuoka Shingu: Seven Bank
IKEA Sendai: Aeon Bank


There are lockers near the 1st floor entrance where you can store your luggage free of charge. When you have a lot of baggage, please leave it in a locker and enjoy shopping.

Wheelchair users

The store is barrier-free, so even wheelchair users can enjoy shopping with us. Wheelchairs are available at all stores to borrow. If you are a customer, please contact the staff at the entrance on the 1st floor. If you are a customer at IKEA Tachikawa or IKEA Sendai please inquire at the 2nd floor.

Free WiFi service

Free WiFi service is available in all areas of the IKEA store. Devices without 3G / 4G (LTE) lines can be connected to the Internet.

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