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Takeback service

If you purchase a sofa or mattress and use the delivery service, we will take back the unnecessary equivalent goods at the time of delivery.

Pick-up fee

Free (additional delivery service fee is needed)

Service available stores

IKEA Sendai, IKEA Shinmisato, IKEA Tachikawa, IKEA Tokyo-bay, IKEA Kohoku, IKEA Nagakute, IKEA Tsuruhama, IKEA Kobe, IKEA Fukuokashingu
*Not applicable for purchases in City Shops and Online store.

Terms of use

  • When purchasing a sofa mattress, please apply at the same time as the delivery service to your room (¥ 5500).
  • The pick-up service is limited to customers whose product delivery area is within the service area. Available on different days of the week depending on the delivery area.For details, please click here.
  • The furniture must be the same type, size and number of sofas or mattresses as the purchased item.
  • When applying, please read the notes carefully and sign the application form. If the situation differs from what you agreed to on the application form, we may refuse to take back the furniture.
  • Pick-up will take place on the day of delivery at the same address as the delivery address. You cannot specify a time for pick-up. We will provide you with an approximate time the day before the delivery date. 
  • On the day of delivery, please prepare in advance so that you can pick up your items immediately. If the goods cannot be taken out to the front door in their original state, please disassemble them by yourself so that they can be taken out. Delivery staff will not carry out disassembling. 
  • If you are not able to receive the goods on the delivery day due to absence or other reasons, it will take so long time to arrange the re-delivery date. Please choose a delivery date when you are sure that you will be home. If you need to change the date, please contact our customer support center as soon as possible.

Items that cannot be taken back

  • Furniture other than sofas and mattresses
  • Bed frames and daybed frames
  • Waterbed mattresses
  • Rattan sofas
  • Electric reclining sofas
  • Sofas with separate cushion section and wooden frame
  • Armchairs, rocking chairs, benches and stools
  • Items that are significantly defaced.

Important notes

  • Take-back service only is not available.
  • Under any circumstances, the goods have taken back cannot be returned.
  • This service is only available to private customers.
  • This service can only be applied for at the time of purchase in the Service available stores and request for delivery service. Please note that any requests made after that time or on site on the day of delivery will not be accepted.
  • There is a possibility to change the Service areas without notice.
  • The sofa/mattress pick-up service is not available for purchase with Parcel delivery because the delivery company is different.
  • If it is difficult to carry in/out the purchased goods and unnecessary goods on site (including cases where the customer has not disassembled the unnecessary furniture), one of the following measures will be taken.
    • Cancellation for Takeback service only, delivery of the purchased goods will be completed.
    • Cancellation of both delivery of takeback services(delivery charges are not refundable).
    • Complete the delivery on the day, and pick-up the unneccesary goods by lifting at a later date. (Additional charges will be quoted and will be charged separately).
  • This service may be terminated without notice.