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Buyback Service

A second life for furniture

We buyback your no longer needed IKEA furnitures with a return card denpeding on the conditions. The furnitures will be reparied and sold at IKEA outlet for thier second life.

Buyback Service
Buyback Service

Furniture/products covered by the Service

IKEA’s furniture/products used indoors


  • Products of other companies than IKEA
  • Furniture used outdoors
  • Bed and mattress
  • Sofa-bed
  • Large-scale furniture (with total of three dimensions up to 3.8 m) such as wardrobe, etc.
    Furniture containing glass

About Assessmnet

IKEA will assess the buy-back value of your furniture/product based on the “Used Furniture Assessment Table” determined by IKEA.

IKEA FAMILY member / IKEA for Business member will get extra 10% bonus in the buy-back value. Please input the membership number on the application form.

Steps to take

Self serve
Visit IKEA website and fill in your application
Receive assessment result from IKEA via Email
Bring your product and get store refund card!

Pick up
* Availability for pick up option might be limited during March due to the moving season

Visit IKEA website and fill in your application with pick up option
Receive assessment result from IKEA via Email
The product will be picked up on the arranged date and time
Come into the store within 30 days, and get store refund card!

Notes for the Buyback Pick-Up

  • Picking fee will be subtracted from the Assessed Product amount. Picking fee is differ by the size and quantity of products. (¥4,550~)
  • This service is limited to the Main area of each IKEA store.
  • Please hand over the products remain assembled. We cannot accept them if we cannot be carried out unless disassembled.
  • If there is a parking time limit on the road on your address, or if there is a height limit in the parking lot to be used, it might need to Charter the designated truck and cost you.
  • We may refuse to pick up the prodcs due to the shape and dimensions of elevators, entrances, stairs, etc. Also in the cae if pick-up staff determines that it is difficult to ensure safety as well.
  • The person who applied for the service needs to come to the store and receive the Return card according to the Antique Dealings

Terms and Conditions

Click here for Terms and Conditions(Japanese only)

Secondhand Article Dealer Act

イケア福岡新宮 (IKEA Fukuokashigu)

  • 許可を受けている公安委員会の名称:福岡県公安委員会
  • 古物商許可:901151610077

イケア立川 (IKEA Tachikawa)

  • 許可を受けている公安委員会の名称:東京都公安委員会
  • 古物商許可:308871706191

イケア仙台 (IKEA Sendai)

  • 許可を受けている公安委員会の名称:宮城県公安委員会
  • 古物商許可:221020002280

イケアTokyo-Bay (IKEA Tokyo-Bay)

  • 許可を受けている公安委員会の名称:千葉県公安委員会
  • 古物商許可:441040002310

イケア港北 (IKEA Kohoku)

  • 許可を受けている公安委員会の名称:神奈川県公安委員会
  • 古物商許可:451930008625

イケア神戸 (IKEA Kobe)

  • 許可を受けている公安委員会の名称:兵庫県公安委員会
  • 古物商許可:631181600011

イケア鶴浜 (IKEA Tsuruhama)

  • 許可を受けている公安委員会の名称:大阪府公安委員会
  • 古物商許可:621090161794

イケア長久手 (IKEA Nagakute)

  • 許可を受けている公安委員会の名称:愛知県公安委員会
  • 古物商許可:542521704700

イケア新三郷 (IKEA Shinmisato)

  • 許可を受けている公安委員会の名称:埼玉県公安委員会
  • 古物商許可:431310033008

Buyback service is available at IKEA stores listed above.