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Wall shelves

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Other colours/finishes availableBERGSHULT / PERSHULT Wall shelf 80x30 cm

BERGSHULT / PERSHULT Wall shelf, brown-black/white, 80x30 cmBERGSHULT / PERSHULT Wall shelf, brown-black/white, 120x30 cmBERGSHULT / PERSHULT Wall shelf, white/white, 120x30 cm

Other colours/finishes availableBERGSHULT / GRANHULT Wall shelf 80x30 cm

BERGSHULT / GRANHULT Wall shelf, brown-black/nickel-plated, 80x30 cm

Other colours/finishes availableMÅLERÅS Picture ledge 75 cm

MÅLERÅS Picture ledge, bamboo, 55 cm

Other colours/finishes availableBERGSHULT Shelf 80x30 cm

BERGSHULT Shelf, brown-black, 120x30 cmBERGSHULT Shelf, brown-black, 80x30 cmBERGSHULT Shelf, white, 120x30 cm

Other colours/finishes availableBURHULT / SANDSHULT Wall shelf 59x20 cm

BURHULT / SANDSHULT Wall shelf, white/white stained aspen, 59x20 cm

Other colours/finishes availableBERGSHULT / PERSHULT Wall shelf combination 120x30 cm

BERGSHULT / PERSHULT Wall shelf combination, brown-black/white, 120x30 cm

Other colours/finishes availableEKET Wall-mounted shelving unit 70x35x70 cm

EKET Wall-mounted shelving unit, dark grey, 70x35x70 cm
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