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Children's furniture

It’s almost unfair that this stool is for children

Small, sturdy, and bringing a sunny smile to any room, it’s easy to see why our MAMMUT children’s stool is loved by adults too. You’re never too old to love it. Just too big to sit on it.

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Video: Close-up movement around a MAMMUT children’s stool in a white studio space that ends with it being situated in living room.
A yellow MAMMUT children’s stool in a white studio space is shown standing slightly angled so that all four legs are visible.
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New boxes to help supercharge your teen’s storage

Our much-loved storage boxes now come in vibrant, poppy colours to give your teen’s room a buzzy style refresh. They’re still great for holding all their important things, but with a more grown-up mesh finish, they become a bigger part of the show.

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A TROFAST frame filled with TROFAST mesh storage boxes in red, green-grey and grey-blue. A cushion and headphones are on top.
The corner of a grey-blue TROFAST mesh storage box that’s filled with folded clothes, with a purple lead hanging in front.
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Furniture your family can enjoy for years

The SUNDVIK series is timeless in style and specially designed for kids – including when it comes to size. In fact, the bed is extendable to keep up as they grow while the wardrobe is deep enough for large clothes hangers, so it works from baby to teenager to adult.

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A person stands holding a baby in front of a window beside a white SUNDVIK wardrobe with one door open.
A girl in a grey SUNDVIK extendable bed with pink and white BUSENKEL bed linen reaching for a toy on a chair beside the bed.
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