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Bathroom products

Planning and Consulting

Remote Bathroom Planning Service

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Delivery & Collect

We offer delivery services depending on products purchased.

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Installment Payment

A great way to finance large purchases.

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Complete, bathroom furniture sets

For a coordinated look that fits your space, why not explore the IKEA range of bathroom furniture sets.

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A dark grey bathroom with a wash-stand in light grey, a black RÅSKOG trolley with folded towels and decorative flowers.
A white bathroom with brick walls, a wash-basin in oak effect, two SÖDERVIK LED wall lamps on either side of a mirror.
A green tiled bathroom with a FRIHULT wall lamp and a white HEMNES mirror cabinet, open revealing beauty products.
Two dark green VÅGSJÖN hand towels hanging from hooks with suction cups next to a white wash-basin with a green vase.
A bathroom with two white wash-basins and LILLÅNGEN mirror cabinets, with pink bath and hand towels hanging from hooks.
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EKOLN series – for a new and fresh expression

Sometimes the smallest changes can make a big difference. That is especially true with the EKOLN series. The clean, smooth curvy design suits any bathroom décor and the rubber coating prevents accidental drops.

See the EKOLN series
See the EKOLN series

A quick and easy facelift with bath textiles

GODMORGON series – calming the morning rush

The GODMORGON series is a sleek, modern and affordable bathroom solution with plenty of hidden (but reachable) storage capacity. Perfect for those hectic mornings.

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A white/grey bathroom with two GODMORGON wash-basins and mirrors. A VILTO shelving unit in birch is placed between.
Two GODMORGON wash-stands with drawers in dark grey, in a bathroom with two grey bath mats and a pair of slippers.
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Bathroom storage solutions – organise your essentials

Browse our complete range of shelf units, wall cabinets, mirror cabinets and interior organisers, designed to create space for all your precious necessities.

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A GRUNDTAL trolley in stainless steel stacked with baskets, jars, beauty products in a bathroom with white tiles.
Three BROGRUND boxes with cotton wool balls and cotton swabs on top of a white countertop against a white tiled wall.
A white ENUDDEN hanger for door on a white door in traditional style, a bathrobe is hanging from one of the hooks.
An open white HEMNES storage bench, revealing a white sweater casually thrown, against a floor with marble effect.
An IMMELN shower basket in stainless steel with a woven cloth and shower product, on a white tiled bathroom wall.
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