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Let the size of your TV guide you. Choosing the perfect TV bench

Let the size of your TV guide you. Choosing the perfect TV bench

Let the size of your TV guide you. Choosing the perfect TV bench.

A TV can create a dark spot in your living room, but the right TV bench can make it fit in. Colour, material and design are obvious points to consider, but there are two others: the size of your TV size and viewing distance. Here's what to look for in a TV bench to make it picture perfect.

01 Types of TV bench 

There are three main types of TV bench: low, high and wall-mounted with storage.

  • Low

Low TV benches hold your TV at a height of around 30–60 cm, perfect for watching from the sofa or floor. The low height means that even a large TV won't take up much space, so it's a good choice for a small room. This type of bench leaves plenty of space between the top of the TV and the ceiling, making the room feel bigger.

  • High

TV benches over 60 cm tall are considered high, and they can dominate a room. Many high benches have room for hardware such as video players, HDDs and games consoles, and media like discs and software, plus even more storage.

  • Wall-mounted with storage

These frame-shaped TV benches surround your TV and include storage above the TV itself. Big enough to cover a wall, they have plenty of shelves for anything you need to keep. They have space to display objects large and small, and will transform the look of any room, giving it an elegant touch.

02 Style and function all in one. Four criteria for selecting a TV bench. 

You've already thought of style and price, but there are four other key criteria when choosing a TV bench. Once you have a bench just right for the size of your TV and for you, you'll have a fashionable living room where you can watch to your heart's content. 

Point 1. Size

The first thing to look at when choosing a TV bench is balancing the width of the TV and the bench. A bench wider than the TV unit creates an attractive, balanced triangular shape. As a general rule, choose a bench about 20–30 cm wider than the TV.

Look at the stand on the TV too. Different models have stands of different shapes and sizes, and some can be quite deep. So don't forget to see how deep the bench is compared to the stand. Finally, don't forget load capacity. The average 32-inch TV weighs roughly 15 kg, and a 42-inch TV is about 20–30 kg. TVs 50 inches or larger can weight over 50 kg. Check the load capacity of the bench to make sure that the bench is strong enough.

A compact TV bench with a load capacity of 30 kg. Best suited to small TVs no larger than 26 inches, or roughly 57 cm wide. Includes open storage, and easy to clean underneath.

A 180 cm wide bench is big enough to balance out very large TVs, 50-inch or larger. This bench has no feet and is instead wall-mounted so as to float a little above the floor. Cleaning underneath couldn't be easier, and as there are no legs to bump into it's also suitable for robot vacuum cleaners. It also works well for wall-mounted TVs, giving you an elegant storage space for hardware. Clever design in the back panel makes it easy to manage wiring and keep the area clear.


Point 2. Storage

Think about what storage you need before you buy. As well as the usual video players, HDDs, game consoles, DVDs and Blu-ray discs, you want enough space to put away anything else that comes along afterwards.

One option is to choose a TV bench with lots of storage that can take care of everyday items in the living room as well what you need for the TV. Lots of shelves in your living room can look messy and give you less space to relax. A TV bench with plenty of storage helps keep the room tidy and stylish.

BESTÅ is a wall-mounted storage TV bench. It can handle TVs over 50 inches, and can be customised with drawers, movable shelves and cabinets with glass doors. So it doesn't just provide a space for TV accessories and everyday items, it can do double duty as a display cabinet. The wiring port in the bench under the TV makes it easy to control cables. Add boxes or drawer frames to move all your storage onto the wall.

Point 3. Cable control

It's not just power cables: antenna, HDMI, USB and LAN cables around the TV make the area a tangled-up mess. It's more than just annoying, as cords tangled near plugs can result in a build-up if heat and create a fire hazard. So another thing to check on your future TV bench is cable management.

It may be compact, but this TV bench has large drawers for remote controls, discs and game controllers. Load capacity is 30 kg, ideal for 26 to 42-inch TVs. 

TV bench cable management

The bench has cable ports at the top and bottom of the back panel, and you can insert a power strip through the gap at the bottom. Organise cords inside the bench to keep them free of dust and out of sight.

Point 4. Colour and design

Colours and materials give a different look to any piece of furniture. Large TV benches have more impact and can influence the overall look of a room. So consider not just size and functionality, but also colours and materials that go with what's already there.

This sleek TV bench combining black steel and solid natural wood is a perfect fit for a modern industrial interior. It has a load capacity of 53 kg, and looks steady and well-balanced even with a large TV, say 50 or 51-inch. The doors are made of mesh, which feels open but also hides what's inside to some extent.The FJÄLLBO collection includes shelving units, wall shelves, a coffee table, laptop table and more. Combine items from the same collection for a stylish room where everything comes together.

03 Select TV bench size for eye level 

Normal line of sight is about 10 degrees below horizontal when standing, and 15 degrees when sitting. So consider the optimal height for comfortable viewing at a natural angle.

The best height for your TV bench will depend on whether you sit on a chair, sofa or the floor. Individual height also makes a difference, but in general recommended height for a TV bench is 50 cm when sitting on a dining chair or similar, 40–50 cm for a standard sofa or 30–40 cm when sitting on the floor or a low sofa. Choose a TV bench that brings the centre of the TV to just under line of sight, and you'll feel less tired even after a viewing marathon. For kids, use cushions or adjust chair height to create a higher viewing position and make it easy on their eyes.

Optimal viewing distance is also important. A rough guide is to sit at a distance roughly three times the height of your TV screen. So if you have a 52-inch TV, about 65 cm high, put your favourite seat about 2 m from the screen. Think about the size and shape of your room to choose the right size of TV for comfortable viewing, and a TV bench that matches.

Durable walnut veneer gives this TV bench a natural, warm look. A height of 50 cm makes it perfect for a family watching TV while sitting on the sofa. At 160 cm wide with a load capacity of 50 kg, it can accommodate a 120 cm wide 55-inch TV with room to spare. 

The clean lines remain when you slide the doors up out of the way, and the shelves inside can be adjusted to fit whatever you want to store. A cable port at the back of the shelves makes it easy to keep everything in order.


04 Form or function? Why not both. 

Choose a bench larger than your TV for visual balance that looks stylish all by itself. Then think of the practical considerations – storage, cable management and line of sight – then choose a TV bench with the design and colour that will go best with your room. 

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