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Dream on! Choose the right mattress for you

Good sleep is essential to good health.

 To sleep like a baby and wake up feeling young again, you need a mattress that supports your weight when you're lying down. But with so many types of available it can be a challenge to find the right mattress for you. Let's start by comparing and contrasting the main types. Then you can see which mattress is your dream partner.

Mattress type

Mattresses come in three main types, each with its own pluses and minuses. 

Foam and latex mattress

Soft and springy, foam and latex mattresses mould themselves to your body. This means they support the whole body and distribute pressure effectively. They're made from soft, elastic materials that provide firm support.

Pocket sprung mattress

Pocket spring mattresses have the coils supporting your body lined up in individual pockets. The many coils aligned inside the mattress move independently in response to body shape and movement, so other coils won't move when someone turns over.

Bonnell sprung mattress

Bonnell sprung mattresses have linked coils to support your body weight on the surface. They combine durability with a comparatively reasonable price tag and excellent breathability. However, the linked coils transmit movement so another mattress type is better if you don't sleep alone.

Select by how you sleep

The ideal way to select a mattress is to try out each and every one and see which is most comfortable. Which would take a lot of sleeping time. Try using these key points instead to choose a mattress that suits you. 

01 Select by body type

Mattresses can be so hard you barely make a dent, or soft enough to gently wrap around you. Your preferences will vary, but athletic or large sleepers usually find it easier to nod off in a natural posture on a hard mattress. Soft mattresses sink under the areas that bear weight, so if a softer mattress doesn't give enough support try a slightly harder one. The opposite is true for lighter bodies, where hard mattresses can cause pain by putting pressure on joints. So think about your body type when choosing a hard or soft mattress.

02 Select by number of sleepers

Some sleep with a partner, or end up sharing a bed with children. There's movement whenever someone turns over or gets up in the middle of the night, but the right mattress can limit the effect on others. Any mattress is suitable if you sleep alone, but when sharing a bed with family members a foam and latex mattress or pocket sprung mattress will isolate each person and let them get their sleep.

03 Select for back support

If you suffer from lower back pain, pay attention to how you lie when you sleep. With proper standing posture, the back forms a natural S-curve as seen from the side. The best thing for back pain is to maintain that S-curve while sleeping.Overly soft mattress let your hips sink, which loses the curve. They also make it harder to turn over and contribute to strain. Overly hard mattresses push the curved part of your lower back up when you lie facing upwards, putting extra weight on your back. Old mattresses with compacted springs let your lower back sink down too far and can be a cause of back pain.Preferred sleeping position and degree and location of back pain will differ, so no one mattress will be right for everyone. Try some out and see what works for you. Worried you won't be able to tell just from lying down for a bit in an IKEA shop or Showroom?IKEA shops offer an exchange service for 90 days after purchase, so you can swap your chosen mattress for another even after using it. (Service suspended as of 30 May 2020 to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.) If you find a mattress you think you'll like, try it out at home and see for yourself.

04 Select for airflow

It's said that a normal sweats about a cup of liquid every night. If you're prone to sweat at night and want to stay cool, sprung mattresses are better than foam and latex as they let air pass through more easily. Adding absorbent linens or a mattress pad will keep you even drier and ensure that you have a comfortable night's sleep. You can also add a dehumidifying mat for beds under the mattress cover. Choose a mattress with a removable, machine-washable cover to prevent growth of mould and germs. IKEA mattresses have removable covers, so you can wash it all away.

Recommended mattresses

You spend a lot of your time asleep, so look for a mattress that's not too hard, not too soft, perfectly right for drifting off. IKEA shops have a selection of mattresses to create your ideal sleeping environment.

Here are a few worth considering.

Resilient foam mattress. Flexible, resilient foam supports your whole body in comfort. These mattresses are thin and therefore a perfect fit for loft beds, bunk beds and day-beds.

Pocket sprung mattress with isolated coils limit movement when you or your partner turns over. Pleasantly firm, a good mattress if you like to feel strongly supported.

Simple, basic Bonnell sprung mattress. This firm mattress keeps its shape while combining durability and reasonable price, making it a basic choice you can enjoy for a long time.

Choose the right mattress to enjoy your nights

There are 24 hours in a day, and people spend around one-third to one-quarter of that time in bed. The right mattress improves quality of sleep, which has a positive effect on body and mind.Here are a few key points for choosing the right mattress. You might have already thought about hardness, size, price and how it fits with your room. But you should prioritise the best mattress for your body, your sleep and your lifestyle.
Bear in mind that you don't buy mattresses often. Most IKEA mattresses have a 10 year guarantee, as we hope you will use them for a long time. (Some products do not come with a guarantee.) So once you find your dream mattress, you'll be together for many years to come. Find the one that's just right for you, and look forward to bedtime every night.

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