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Go natural by decorating with plants

Go natural by decorating with plants

There's one essential ingredient for a relaxing, natural-style home: house plants. Living plants add a splash of invigorating green and make a space even more relaxing. How can you best display house plants to complement a natural-style decor?

01 Ideal indoor plants

If you want to change the atmosphere in a room, try adding some house plants to the mix. Many come from tropical and subtropical regions, are hardy and easy to care for. Even if you're worried about keeping them alive or have struggled with gardening in the past, these resilient house plants will do just fine. Here are the basics on how to look after them.

Looking after easy house plants

Even if you have zero experience, or zero time, there's still a house plant for you. If you want a large plant, try PACHIRA AQUATICA, which is both hardy and easy to care for. A good medium-sized plant is the resilient pothos, or if you want to start small choose a Rhipsalis, a relative of the cactus. Make it easy on yourself by choosing robust plants that don't need much watering.

Taking care of plants means giving them with enough water, frequently enough. Indoor house plants usually need watering once a week (or once a month in winter). But be careful not to over-water, as the roots will rot. Plants adapt gradually to their environment, so you can also reduce frequency of watering over time and keep them a little drier. Each plant has its own needs, but this approach makes caring for them easier and avoids root rot.


If you're not sure that a plant needs water, press your finger down into the soil. If it feels dry and crumbly, water thoroughly until water runs through the bottom of the container. Plants with delicate leaves, such as FICUS BENJAMINA, need to have their leaves sprayed with water from time to time to keep them in good shape. Keep an attractive watering can close by, one that you don't mind leaving out, so you can water whenever necessary.


If you really don't have time to water or just don't want plants, consider artificial plants. Or if you want to put plants on shelves or other hard-to-reach or dark places, artificial plants will be much easier to manage than real ones. FEJKA artificial plants are painstakingly designed down to the last detail, making them feel just like the real thing.

FEJKA Artificial potted plant

02 Plants create variations on a natural look

Let's look at how to choose from the range of easy house plants and find the ones that suit the look you're going for and create an indoor green space. Plus some tips for decorating with plants to enhance your living space!

Natural vintage

Natural vintage effortlessly combines nature with an antique vibe. Get the look by allowing plants to grow as they will to form an indoor forest. Choose modest, casual house plants with simple leaf shapes.

Strelitzia nicolai

Strelitzia nicolai has large glossy leaves that spread out like a fan, creating a relaxing atmosphere where you can enjoy time passing by. Put it on one side of a large sofa full of cushions to create a bubble of relaxation. Use an old-fashioned Chinese ceramic pot or cover for an elegant vintage look.


Rubber plants (Ficus umbellata, Ficus benghalensis, etc.)

Ficus umbellata has distinctly shaped leaves shapes crowning gently curved stalks that grace any natural interior. Its durability and fast growth have made it an iconic indoor plant. Pruning determines the shape of the tree, so some plants branch out and spread sideways while others have leaves that grow thickly on top. See which shape you like, and what will best suit the place the plant will go.

SUCCULENT Potted plant


Pachira is characterized by the arrangement of leaves that look like flowers. It's simple and not overly assertive, so it goes well with a unique display. Plant small leaf cover plants at the base of the pachira for a more natural finish. Also, if you replant the mini-strain Pachira into a coffee cup, it will fit into the space with a sustainable impression. If you put it side by side with a potted mini cactus, it will look like a store display.


Easy tropical natural

A laid-back look with the warmth and serenity of the tropics, this natural style calls out for house plants that bring the wildness and liveliness of nature indoors. Choose fresh and expressive plants with deep green leaves.

The deeply cut leaves of MONSTERA bring the tropics to you. Its big, dark green leaves hark back to its subtropical origins, and the vitality of a plant that thrives in the heat. Put it on a plant stand or side table to make it easy to see and feel the call of the tropics. It also grows in partial shade.



Palm trees

Palm trees have delicately flowing leaves that calm and refresh your living space. Put one by the window on the other side of the curtains for dappled shade to create a relaxing play of light.

Agave attenuate

You might be familiar with the name agave as the raw ingredient of tequila. Originally from Mexico, these succulents are famous for their ability to grow in the driest places. The stems of Agave attenuata grow high, creating a unique shape that gives it lots of character. Pair it with exotic textiles or ornamental mosaic tiles to enjoy relaxing in your very own original fusion style.

Natural Scandinavian modern

Natural Scandinavian modern is both minimal and cosy. To get the look, choose tidy, balanced tree-shaped house plants. Plants with vivid green leaves provide a charming contrast and stand out in a bright interior.



Sansevieria plants have been in the spotlight for their ability to purify the air. Put one near the TV in the living room or on the landing for some extra freshness. A tall ceramic pot will enhance its sharp, stylish shape. It mostly grows upwards so will not spread horizontally as much as other plants. Places with room to grow up but not out, like a landing or hall, are just right.



Strelitzia is related to Strelitzia nicolai, but looks slimmer and more modern. Put a Strelitzia in a white ceramic pot in front of a white wall to maximise the effect of the colour and form of its leaves. Or use a matt stone pot to make it look glossy and sophisticated.

STRELITZIA Potted plant, Bird of paradise



03 Putting house plants on display

If you have house plants, make the most of their refreshing qualities. You could put them on the floor, or display them so they can be seen from all angles in the room or any unused space.

What a feeling, hanging from the ceiling

No space on the floor? Look up and see the vertical space available to hang something from the ceiling. Set a hook in the ceiling and suspend a plant in a hanging pot or net to always have a splash of welcome green in sight.

PEPEROMIA Potted plant


A lighting rail makes it even easier for you. Just fit a special duct rail hook and you're ready to hang a plant. Some simple lighting rails can be mounted on ceiling sockets for light fixtures, which is something you can do yourself even in a rental property. Add a hanging plant pot holder or net to hang plants with ease. Use an S-shaped hook to adjust the length until the plant is at the right height. At night you can shine the lights on the rail onto the plants and have the shadows of leaves fall on the walls to create a magical, dreamlike atmosphere. Make sure that the lights do not generate heat.

BITTERGURKA Hanging planter

If you like crafting, try making your own hanging display. Many Scandinavian homes have hanging decorations known as Himmeli, which are easy to make with straws and string you already have. Himmeli are not suitable for heavy items, but work as an open decoration for an air plant. Combine different colours of straws and string for different looks, and bring your favourite tones together to enhance your interior.

ANVÄNDBAR Net for plant pot, hanging/natural

Letting it all hang naturally

Arrange ivy-like plants with trailing leaves over wire, frames or items on display to mimic the plant's natural form. Put several on a shelf and let them create a curtain of hanging leaves. Or cluster plant pots in a wheeled trolley that can be moved easily to chase the sun or do the watering. All the plants are in the same place, so taking care of them is a breeze.

he RÅSKOG trolley with its spaced, linked baskets to gather plants in glass and pots and create a stylish display.

RÅSKOG Trolley, white

Mix big and small leaves and yellow with deep green to create a truly natural look.



Put an ivy or similar plant or a quick-growing pothos in the top basket and prune it so it drapes down. Letting leaves mingle together naturally gives a charming finishing touch, like a stand at a flower shop. A wheeled trolley makes it easy to take to the garden or balcony for watering. The bottom of the baskets is mesh, handy for drainage as you water.

HIMALAYAMIX Potted plant

Hold it all in

Don't restrict yourself to plant pots – try using unique and eye-catching containers to highlight your plants.A white wall cloth will make their green tones pop. If you have a frame for house plants, use it to put them up on your wall like a work of art. If putting plants on the wall feels like too much effort, use artificial plants instead. Adding some real house plants to the room will make you forget the artificial ones aren't the real thing. If the wall doesn't work out, you can try the fridge. Anywhere you see an open space, on a side panel or door, is an invitation to add a little bit of green.

Make it easy with GRUNDTAL containers with magnets in the base. You want to keep the fridge area clean, so this is a good spot to use artificial plants. Fill a small container with your favourite greenery (leaving a little extra room) and stick it on the fridge. Now every time you put a recipe or note on the door or side of the fridge, you'll be treated to a glimpse of soothing green.

Mix and match unique and unusual containers and plants for a display that really makes them stand out. Be creative and come up with surprising ideas like putting small house plants into light bulb-shaped pots or beakers.

GRUNDTAL Container, stainless steel, 10 cm


A SATSUMAS plant stand comes with five pot covers, so just add your favourite plants (artificial plants are okay, naturally) for a three-dimensional display with impressive balance. Or if you prefer small plants, put the pots in a SOCKER greenhouse for a miniature garden, an idyll for plants and viewers alike.

SOCKER Greenhouse, white

SATSUMAS Plant stand with 5 plant pots, bamboo/white

04 Getting the most out of plants and rooms

House plants are the perfect complement for natural-style rooms. Try different ways of displaying them, from everyday to surprising. Nurturing both your house plants and your interior makes your home a place where both can bloom to the fullest.

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