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Choosing dining table by size

dining table

Choosing dining table by size

The dining table is always a place to sit once in your daily life. When you move in and buy new furniture, isn't it the first piece of furniture you think about buying? However, it is difficult to choose a table since it is a piece of furniture which stands out in your room and will effect the balance of the entire room. In some cases, it may cause inconveniences. 
Dining tables are not only a place for families to eat, but they also welcome guests. In order to coordinate a comfortable dining space, let's take a look at the best sizes as well as the points you want to check when choosing.

01 What is the best size for a dining table? 

  • Dining tables are not just places to have a meal. It becomes a space for children to play and work, it is also used as a place for you to relax and maybe enjoy drinks. 
  • Dining tables can be used in may ways and is an important piece of furniture in our your home. 

Look for plenty of space in your room for a large dining table

Because dining tables are used in various situations, it is important to choose the right size for your needs. IIKEA, dining tables are available for 2, 4, 6 and 10 people. For example, in a dining scene, if you can place the dishes in front everybody around the table without problems such as elbows touching, it can use it without stress.

However, if you are only think about the size of the table, there may not be enough space around the room. If you have a cupboard or sideboard around the dinig table, you may bump into it when you pull the chair. A large dining table can serve dishes with plenty of room, but keep in mind that you have to make room for more space, including the surroundings of your entire room.

Choosing the shape of the top plate that matches to the surrounding space

The impression on the size is different depending on the shape of the top plate of the dining table. A standard "rectangular" type is easy to lay out because it is easy to image how it will be placed in your room. If you use it with a small number of people, a simple "square" type is recommended. A stylish "elliptical" or "circular" dining tables require a large space in the room. People can gather around the table more easily facing everyone when seated but they are difficult to be placed against the wall because they don't have straight sides or corners. If you want to have a more space-saving dining table, you can use a stretchable table.

If you focus too much on design, there is a possibility that it will give you a feeling that the table is too big in the room. Let's make sure to choose a shape of the top plate while being aware of the space you have in your room.

02 Considering "Material x Size" of the dining table 

  • When choosing a dining table, you want to think about the material together with the size. This is because the impression of the room changes depending on the material used, it feels different even if the size of the table is the same. 
  • The material used for a dining table is mainly made of wood. Even if it is the same wood, the material and how the material is made , it is divided into solid wood, composite material, and cutting board. 

A solid wood dining table has a natural feel to it. Each wood pattern and color are different, and it is durable which makes it possible to be used for many years. The warm feeling of the tree gives a natural and simple impression. There are various types of wood used as materials, such as rubber trees, birch, and pine. The impression of the room with a large dining table will change greatly depending on the material and type of wood used. You can enjoy the change of color and taste of solid wood over time, and the longer you use it, the more aging you will get. However, it is difficult to clean it when it gets dirty and also tends to be a little expensive.

A composite material is a plywood that is thinly cut and pasted together. A cutting board is a material which wooden material is pasted on the surface, such as a particle board. Both materials are stable, resistant to humidity, and less likely to crack or warp than solid wood. The design of these material is beautiful. They are ealiser to clean and and handle compared to solid wood and also more afordable in price. Each material has its own characteristics, and its appearance and durability are different. Apart from the choosing the material, there is always personal preference and the choice will depend on taste of the room. When choosing the size, make sure to look into the material as well.

03 Reason why it is better to purchase dining tables together with chairs. 

  • It is important to think about the heght of the chair when choosing a dining table. If you buy them seperately, there is a possibility that it will become difficult to use. The reason why most dining table and chairs are sold as a set is not just to match the design but also the height and width is perfectly set up and is comfortable to use. 
  • Even if you don't buy it as a set, it's a good idea to have tables and chairs from the same manufacturer. Most of the time they are made with consideration that they will be used together. 
  • If your budget is limited and is difficult to purchase both dining table and chairs all at once,make sure you check the height of your tables and chairs in advance.

There are a wide variety of dining tables to suit different family styles, room atmospheres and ways of using them. A dining table has a strong presence in a room and sometimes becomes a place of hospitality when customers come. Let's see what will be suitable to become "My dining table" when looking at different sizes and purposes. 

For 2-4person 

Size of table

Length: 89cm (minimum 26cm-maximum 152cm)/Width: 80cm/Height: 74cm

NORDEN is a classic-style dining table that looks like you'll see in the kitchen of a European country house. It is foldable and can be folded from either side, which makes it possible to stored very compact. You can use it in a variety of ways. Use one side only when eating alone, use both side when eating with your family or with guests. It has drawers that can hold cutlery, napkins, etc.

For 4-6person 

Size of table

Length: 160cm/Width: 95cm/Height: 75cm

VEDOBO is a dining table with a modern yet nostalgic atmosphere, with rounded tops creating a simple and stylish feeling. Because there is no corner, it is safe for families with small children running around. When it gets dirty, you can easily maintain it by simply wiping the dirt off with a soft sponge. Coordinate with VEDBO chairs and armchairs will make the perfect match. 

For 4-10person

Size of table

Length: 235cm/Width: 100cm/Height: 73cm

SKOGSTA is a long-size dining table that is easy to sit side by side, 100 cm wide and 235 cm wide. It looks like a counter, and you will be able to coordinate a cafe-style dining room. The top plate is made of solid pine wood. The more you use it, the more it ages and gives a vintage look. 

04 Find a dining table that can be used for a long time

The dining table comes in a variety of shapes and materials. There are various types, such as long and narrow types and foldable ones, differences material such as solid wood and plywood, and those which are easy to clean.

The dining table is a place for families to gather and have a meal, but it can also be a place of hospitality when welcoming guests. Choose the right dining table for your home, thinking about the right design for your home and, above all, a comfortable size to use and fits your room. 

Recommended dining tables

upto 4 people | upto 6 people | upto 8 people | upto 10 people | extendable(2 to8 people)

upto 4 people | upto 6 people | upto 8 people | upto 10 people | extendable(2 to8 people)

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