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Ready for anything, a PC desk that combines utility and style

PC Desk for Remote Work

Ready for anything, a PC desk that combines utility and style

The way people live and work is changing, with more working from home or meeting online. If you have the opportunity to work from home, why not create your own stylish and comfortable workspace? Choosing a stylish PC desk will keep you in good spirits no matter what. 

01 Clear the deck 

You want to be sure that a computer desk has the functionality and storage space you need. It needs to hold things like stationery, documents and cables which can quickly create quite the mess. Think about how to keep the area around your computer clear and then consider what kind of desk will work for you. 

A place for everything

One reason why desktops become so cluttered is because there's nowhere to put items you've just used. Keep your desk clear by choosing a place for everything, so you can put things back with one simple action. Giving each item a home increases your awareness, prompts you to put things back and stops stuff getting lost. To make work as easy as possible, take everything off the desk except the devices and stationery you use most frequently. 

Open versus closed

Everything needs its place, but constantly putting away the things you use most frequently won't help your productivity. But having everything close to hand will make your desktop constantly cluttered. If that sounds like you, create some open storage on your desk or wall. Scattering stationery, devices and other things you need for work across your desk takes up space and looks untidy. A stand works well to hold essentials while keeping them visible. Scissors and glue sticks in pen holders, documents in vertical file cases: stand things up to make everything tidy and clean. If you need a bit of help, try a desk organiser that lets you group stationery by type. There are plenty of simple, easy-to-use desk organisers for you to try. 

On the other hand, some things are best kept hidden. For example, there's no need to have your computer cables on display. They tangle easily and are hard to keep organised. Nip this problem in the bud by choosing a computer desk with built-in wiring ports or guide rails for hidden cable storage. Tuck cables away neatly and free yourself from the stress of tangled-up wiring.

Love what you look at

Choose interesting, well-designed items for the stationery and other small objects to be kept out and visible. Choose stationery worthy of being on display, for example a stylish ballpoint pen instead of a standard disposable one. Being surrounded by things you love will inspire you to take good care of them. The sight of your neatly organised, stylish possessions will make you more motivated to work, and to put everything back in its place. Select to match your own style and create a space that will keep you in good spirits as you work.

02 Choose for work  

When you go to choose your computer desk, imagine a place where you can work comfortably. The more you work from home and attend online meetings, the longer you'll spend at this desk. To make working hours as comfortable as possible, consider where you want to work and choose a computer desk to suit. 

Work in style, naturally

If you want to relax more at home than you can in the office, try creating a workspace with a natural touch. Even the most stylishly designed computers look artificial, and large desktop computer monitors take up space. Try cancelling out the cold, hard technology by surrounding it with a simple, natural decor. If your equipment blends in well with its surroundings, you might even be able to relax during virtual meetings. 

The FJÄLLBO computer desk combines a bright table top with rustic black iron legs. It can transform your room into a stylish workspace with an industrial touch. The open storage space under the table lets you store and retrieve things easily, so you can tidy away frequently used peripherals or magazines. It also has built-in cable clips for managing cords, so you can appreciate its looks without wires in the way. For a workspace more like an extension of your private space, try keeping documents and materials casually in containers or baskets made of plant materials instead of the usual office storage. Or add a splash of green from a house plant beside your computer to make it easier to relax. That will be the final touch for a backdrop you're so happy with you won't mind people seeing it when you join video calls. The desk also has wheels on one side, so it's easy to move around.

Work peacefully, with just the minimum

If you prefer a strong separation of private and work life, try creating a stylish, minimalist space where you can concentrate. Choose a simple computer desk and add any options you need to make your own working environment. 

Show off your essentials-only area by choosing items with particular forms or textures. You can also reduce eye strain when working for a long time by choosing a table top in a muted colour, such as dark brown, that doesn't reflect much light.
The table top of the BEKANT computer desk is gently contoured, which lets you maintain a comfortable position and good posture and reduces stress on wrists and elbows. Built-in cable management under the table top keeps the desktop neat and tidy. Another advantage is the ability to adjust the height of the desk to suit your own height or the height of your chair. As well as the standard rectangle, the BEKANT collection also has corner desks with more space on the left or right side to suit your dominant hand. So there's plenty of space for your favourite mug to get you through a long working session, without risking it spilling when you least expect it. These models have the same built-in cable management under the table top, so they're just as tidy.

Work creatively, with style

If you work in IT or web design, you might need large monitors or more than one computer. Or more open storage for frequently used peripherals such as large hard drives or drawing tablets. If you need plenty of space to avoid putting peripherals away all the time, consider a desk designed as a fully functional workstation. 

The large FREDDE desk is 185 cm wide with small shelves built into the side panels. The table top has cup holders for drinks and snacks on both sides so you can really settle in. There's plenty of storage within arm's reach, making it easy to keep things tidied away and enjoy the large table top. 
If you want your computer and peripherals to blend in, choose a desk of a similar colour and texture. Make everything look modern, stylish and effortlessly professional with a workstation desk that holds your computer and all its accessories.

If you want your computer and peripherals to blend in, choose a desk of a similar colour and texture. Make everything look modern, stylish and effortlessly professional with a workstation desk that holds your computer and all its accessories. 

If you regularly work long hours, consider adding a footrest. The DAGOTTO footrest is simple yet fashionable, with a non-slip surface and easy angle adjustment. A footrest reduces stress on your legs and lets you concentrate on work in a relaxed posture, making it a valuable optional extra.

03 Choose for everyday use 

If you don't have a separate room to work in, or want to watch your kids during working hours, you can set up a computer area in your living or dining room. If the space is shared with your family, you want a compact, multifunctional computer desk. 

A casual extension to the living or dining room

For a computer desk in a family space, choose something as low-key and simple as possible. Match colours. For example, if your room has white wallpaper choose a white computer desk. Having the wall and desk colours blend together will give a more relaxed look. 

If using your living or dining room, make sure that the desk can also be used for other purposes, giving you more options. An extra surface can be used for so many things: to play your favourite music while cooking, search for and discuss information about a family holiday or give a child a place to do their homework. It will be on full display to visitors though, so needs to be easy to clear up too. A wall storage unit is a good way to tidy things away while making effective use of space. Wall storage lets you show off stylish stationery with plants, framed art or photos arranged in between. This makes your workspace look like part of the room, giving it some extra style. Wall storage also draws the gaze upwards, making the computer desk less noticeable. 

A cosy corner for enjoying hobbies

A workstation in a corner has panels on two sides so you can work with total focus and without distraction. It's ideal not just for computer work, but also for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in a hobby or book. This kind of desk keeps you from noticing anything around you, so you can concentrate easily even with others nearby. You can go in and out of work mode quickly without leaving the living room. 

04 Enjoy work with the right desk 

Giving some thought to which computer desk is best for you pays dividends by making it easier to manage tasks at home. Style and functionality are great for motivation too. Find the computer desk that works for you and use it to build a workspace you actually want to go to work on. 

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