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You really can do it yourself. How to put up a ceiling light.

IKEA ceiling light

You really can do it yourself. How to put up a ceiling light.

Lighting transforms the look of a room. There are so many stylish, long-life LED ceiling lights available today, you're simply spoiled for design choices. So why not put up a ceiling light for a little home makeover? If you're holding back because you think you need to call an electrician to change your lights, think again.

It's surprisingly easy to put up a ceiling light. They're light and easy to handle and need no specialised knowledge to put up. Once you understand a few key points, you can change your lights yourself whether you own or rent. Let's look at how to put up a ceiling light.

Before putting up a ceiling light

Look around the room

Before putting up a ceiling light, make sure that you have what you need. If there's a ceiling mount, rosette, or other wired fixture with a brace to hold a light, you can put one up without building work. First, take down the existing light and look at the shape of the fixture. If it looks like a round or square plug socket, you can attach a ceiling light yourself.

Most new buildings have these sockets, but older homes can have different ceiling mounts that aren't compatible with modern ceiling lights. If that's the case, you can use an adapter. If there's a bare wire or no ceiling mount, you will need building work. If you're not sure about the shape of the fixture, take a photo of the wire or connector and show it to IKEA shop staff to get advice when purchasing. If you're replacing lights in a rental property, store the detached light carefully so you can put it back when you move out.

How to put up a ceiling light

Step 1. Take down the existing light

You need to take down the existing light before putting up the new one. Make sure that the light is turned off at the switch before replacing it. You normally don't need to turn the power off at the fuse box, but you can do that as well for extra protection.
When taking down the existing ceiling light, take the cover over the bulb off first. Next take down the connecting wire, which is the cord attached to the power supply. Be careful not to drop the light as you take it down. Be careful when removing the cover too. Some covers come off suddenly, so make sure that you don't drop or break anything. It could damage the walls or floor, or even cause injury. If possible, ask a family member or friend help you. One person can detach the light while the other supports it from below. 

Step 2. Take the new ceiling light out of its box and attach it

Take the new ceiling light out of its box and remove the adapter. Check the attachment section and take it off as shown in the instructions. Take off the attachment section along with the connector that links the adapter and the light. The adapter is now separated from the light. 
Next, attach just the adapter to the ceiling mount. Push the adapter into the curved slits and turn clockwise until you hear a click. That means it's securely in place. The adapter will fall if not attached properly, so make sure that it's securely attached before letting go. 

Next, pick up the light and attach it to the adapter fixed to the ceiling mount. Check the mounting holes on the adapter and the light, line them up and push the light to attach it. Make sure that the light is attached firmly, then connect the connector. Finally, attach the cover and you're done.

When attaching the adapter and light, check that everything is securely attached or turned until you hear that click. You can do this all yourself, but lifting and lowering parts can be a struggle when attaching a large ceiling light. Ask a family member to help you, and you'll make light work of it.

Choosing a ceiling light

With so many new eco-friendly LED ceiling lights, how can you choose just one? When choosing a light, make it easier on yourself by thinking about what you like and what you already have, as well as ease of use and where the light will be. Ceiling lights come in many different forms, but most attach to the ceiling. Fixed LED ceiling lights light a room evenly, and the colour of that light make a room easy to use or create a specific atmosphere.

White light that's easy on the eyes is a great choice for a study where you plan to do lots of reading. Warm white light with a hint of yellow creates a soothing atmosphere in the living room where the family comes to relax, or in bedrooms. So don't forget to think about the colour of the light as well as the shape of the fixture when putting up a ceiling light. Let's look at the types of ceiling lights you can attach directly to the ceiling.

Choose based on your room and lifestyle

Here are some things to think about for choosing the right light that fits right in with your everyday life.



Direct or indirect light are both good, but different. Family members of different ages need different levels of light, so think about who uses the space. In particular, choose brighter lighting for rooms used mostly by older people. If a bulb comes with a particular ceiling light, check the lumen rating (lm), the unit used to measure brightness.


Room size

Think about the size of the room when considering brightness. Standard brightness differs depending on room size, so check the product details carefully. The Japan Lighting Manufacturers Association recommends 2,700–3,699 lumen for 9.2 m² and 4,500–5,499 lumen for 18.4 m². So don't forget to take the size of the room into account to get the brightness you want.



There is a wide range of ceiling lights, from thin circular ones with clear lighting to ones with multiple light sources like spotlights. If appearance is important, consider the overall look of the room and choose something that matches what you already have.



Some ceiling lights are dimmable, but not all. Different products have different functions, such as remote control or compatibility with smart home systems. Choose the light that's most useful for you.

TRÅDFRI bulbs are a great option as the handy remote control gives you total control over brightness and light colour. The TRÅDFRI remote control, part of the same collection, lets you dim the light wirelessly. You can even expand the kit to control up to 10 lights simultaneously, with the option to dim, turn on/off and change colour temperature. The ceiling light is important, but in this kit it's the bulb that you control with the remote. So you don't need to change the light itself to make it just right for the moment: just turn the bulb to bright white for easy reading when children are studying, then to a warm white for cosy meals and finally dim for ambiance when it's just the two of you. The kit and bulb are already paired when you buy them, so all you have to do is change the bulb. No frustrating pairing required.

Ceiling lights that really shine 

For brightness and functionality

When you want bright lighting, the ÅRSTID ceiling light combines a design to outshine the brightest bulb with the ability to light a large area. Perfect for rooms you want to light fully. (LED bulb sold separately.) 
For detailed assembly instructions, please refer to the following.

Assembly instructions: ÅRSTID

For design 

The SKURUP ceiling light boasts three spotlights and is made of iron. Simply stylish in a way that will never go out of fashion, it goes with any room. Adjust the angle of all three lights, or shine them onto walls to give indirect light and more atmosphere. (LED bulbs sold separately.)
For detailed assembly instructions, please refer to the following.

Assembly instructions: SKURUP 

The SOLHEM ceiling light has a playful design that looks like the sun shining brightly in the sky. This is a favourite for children's rooms, so we made sure that it meets the strictest international safety standards and contains no harmful materials whatsoever. (LED bulbs and screws sold separately.)
For detailed assembly instructions, please refer to the following.

Assembly instructions: SOLHEM

The right ceiling light for you and your room

With just a few tricks up their sleeve, anyone can put ceiling lights up and take them down all by themselves. Even if you rent and can't renovate, you can change the entire feel of a room by simply changing the ceiling light. The right light makes a room feel like a café, office or outdoor space.

Your wiring may not be suitable, so make sure that you check before buying lights. The most important thing is to work carefully, making sure that you don't drop the light or injure yourself. So go ahead and look for a ceiling light that's just right for you and your room and enjoy your stylish living space! 

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