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Recommended sofa that can be used for a long time for various types of life styles

Recommended sofa that can be used for a long time for various types of life styles

Recommended sofa that can be used for a long time

Sofas tends to be expensive among furnitures, so you want to be careful when choosing a sofa. Of course, choosing by design is important, but comfort and relaxation is also important. In order to select the most suitable sofa, we have summarized the differences, how to use it, and points to note when choosing one. 

01 Know the material inside the sofa

The comfort of a sofa depends greatly on what material is used for the seating surface. The difference in cushioning such as "soft" and "hard and firm feeling" is caused by the different materials inside the sofa. 

The importance of the inner material

Knowing the inner material used for the cushion on the seat surface is an important point in finding a sofa that can be used for a long time. The seat cushion is mainly divided into a cushion part (surface layer) and a urethane foam part (middle layer to lower layer) that is the core material. In particular, the urethane foam part plays a role when deciding the stiffness. It supports the body from below and works to firmly receive and soften the impact on the body when sitting. In other words, the goodness of urethane foam's shock absorption is the key to "not sagging." of the cushion.

02 What is a long-lasting sofa?

To know the durability of the sofa, check the catalog and product description to see what kind of material is used for the urethane foam of the cushion sheet. Let's compare the differences in the density and thickness of urethane foam and the distribution of layers. Also, knowing the material of the main body frame and the seat frame that supports urethane will be helpful when choosing a sofa. Here is the detail of the function of each material.

Material of the seat cushion
(urethane foam in the middle and lower layers)

Urethane foam has a structure similar to a sponge and contains air. The smaller this air hole is, the harder it is to collapse, which leads to the sofa's resistance to sagging.

One of the factors to check when purchasing a sofa is the density of urethane foam. Let's pay attention to the density of how many kilograms per cubic meter. The higher the number, the higher the density, the higher the shock absorption, and the less likely it will sag.

In addition, some models that pursue more comfort are made by stacking urethane foams with different specific density . Such products use high-density urethane foam that does not easily settle under the seat cushion, and urethane foam with a slightly lighter specific gravity is used on top of it to achieve a soft and comfortable seating feeling.

There is a preference for the seat comfort, but if you are looking for a sofa that does not get tired even if you sit for a long time, use a model that uses high-resilience urethane foam that makes a stiffer seat, and urethane for those who want a softer seat. It's a good idea to look for a model that uses multiple layers of foam. 

Frame material

Solid wood, plywood, particle board, etc. are often used as the frame material that corresponds to the frame of the sofa. Since the frame has the role of absorbing the impact when sitting on the sofa, solid wood with good flexibility is the best choice. However, if all the frames are made of solid wood, the weight and thickness of the sofa will increase, so some models dare to combine it with other parts. 

If you're looking for a solid seating comfort, choose a solid sofa with a solid wood frame, and if you're moving or redecorating frequently, choose a lightweight frame that combines other materials.

In addition, springs (coil springs and zigzag springs) and liners (cloth, felt tape, waving tape, etc.) are stretched on the seat frame under the seat cushion. Since the material of the seat frame is designed in consideration of compatibility with the material of urethane foam, the material used may differ depending on the model even if the sofa is made by the same manufacturer. Basically, a sofa with a spring gives you a sense of stability because it has the force to push back your body, and a sofa with an elastic liner gives you a feeling of relaxation. Therefore, if you spend a lot of time sitting on the sofa, you should choose a spring-loaded sofa that has a stable posture and does not get tired easily. 

Seat cushion filling (surface padding)

The top layer of the seat cushion (above the urethane foam of the core) is filled with various padding to make it comfortable to sit on. Types of padding include urethane foam chips, polyester cotton, and polyester hollow fibers, which mainly ensure breathability and the fluffy swelling of the cushion. However, it is important to note that a sofa with too much stuffing will have a thin cushion and will easily wear out. On the other hand, if the sofa is made of urethane foam, which is the core material of the lower layer, and has a solid thickness and specific gravity, it can be said that it is okay to prioritize the surface layer material with the desired elasticity and comfort.

03 Recommended model of sofa depending on lifestyles

Durability is something you should check while considering the structure and design of the sofa. IKEA sofas, which are popular for their durability, let's take a look at some of the models. 

A compact and relaxing sofa

If you want to place a sofa that is as space-saving as possible and that you can spend comfortably, we recommend the compact type sofa. It's hard to take up space, so it's perfect for living alone. 

If the model has a high arm height, it can be used as a backrest when sitting sideways, expanding the variety of sitting styles. On the other hand, the design with a narrow arm or no arm has the advantage that the seat surface can be used widely. EKENÄSET is a two-seater model recommended for those who want to sit comfortably while being compact. 

Stretch my legs and lie down

If you are looking for a sofa where you can stretch your legs and relax or lie down, choose a sofa that considers the direction you want to stretch your legs. 

If you want to stretch your legs in front of the sofa, add an ottoman to the sofa or choose a couch sofa with a chaise longue with a long seat. Since the entire weight of the couch sofa will be placed on the chaise longue, it is recommended to select a model that uses high-resilience urethane foam as the core material.

If you want to stretch your legs to the side of the sofa, you need a sofa that can seat two or three people. If you want to lie down, it is recommended to use a type with a wide seating surface for 3 people. However, make sure you have enough space in advance. When choosing a two-seat sofa, it's a good idea to choose a sofa with a low arm and a wide width. You can take a relaxed posture by placing a cushion on the arm and placing your foot on the arm opposite the head. 

Low arm, comfortable to sit on, chaise longue option available

Width 190 cm x Depth 95 cm x Height 83 cm (Sheet size: Width 140 cm Depth 60 cm Height 45 cm)

The low and wide design of the arm allows you to lie down comfortably with your legs thrown out of the arm. Solid wood is used for a part of the frame, high-resilience polyurethane foam (35 kg / 1 cubic meter) is used for the lower layer of the seat cushion, and low-resilience shape memory foam is used for the surface layer. It is comfortable to sit on with a moist hold, and the cushion returns to its original shape when you stand up. For those who want to relax even more, why not add a couch sofa. 

Freely rearrange according to my mood

Modular sofas that can be freely rearranged can be combined according to the size and needs of the room. It is a popular model because you can buy additional parts or separate them according to your lifestyle, so you can change the way they are placed and used. Even if you have given up because the entrance is narrow and you cannot bring in a large sofa, you can disassemble each part and carry it with a modular sofa. It's also safe when redecorating or moving. 

Among IKEA's modular sofas, the "SÖDERHAMN" series is a popular model with a high degree of freedom in combination. Based on the one-seat sofa, you can freely combine parts such as armrests, chaise longues, corner sections, and ottomans to suit your lifestyle. Various arrangements are possible, from a personal chair for one person to a large corner sofa, and you can also enjoy it by combining it with a three-seater or four-seater sofa or a corner sofa. You can also think of your own settings with a unique combination, such as using the couch sofa alone as a daybed, or connecting the couch sofas face-to-face. When visiting, it is possible to separate the large sofa and replace it with a sofa set for visitors. 

Low backrest, soft seating, chaise longue option available

Width 285 cm x Depth 99 cm x Height 69 cm (Sheet size: Width 279 cm Depth 70 cm Height 39 cm)

The seat cushion of the "SÖDERHAMN" sofa is made by stacking high resilience (35 kg / 1 cubic meter) and slightly lighter polyurethane foam (20 kg / 1 cubic meter). By putting elastic waving tape on the seat frame, the thickness of the sofa body is suppressed, and the design with less oppressive feeling is attractive. The low sofa has a solid depth so that you can relax on the sofa. The included back cushion can be moved to any position you like, so find a position where you feel comfortable. 

Let's check the height of the seating surface of the sofa

Before you buy a sofa, you should check the height of the seat (seat height) of the sofa. Even a difference in height of just a few centimeters will make you feel different when you sit down. Some overseas models have higher seat heights based on living in shoes, so it's a good idea to check if you can sit in a comfortable position.

In addition, the seat height that you feel comfortable with depends on the physique of the user. If you can't actually sit in the real thing, it's a good idea to measure the length from the back of your knees to your heels to determine the seat height for optimal sitting comfort.

04 Proper care of the sofa

Proper care is essential for long-term use of your favorite sofa. Let's introduce how to care for cloth and leather respectively.

How to care for a cloth sofa

Regular care should be taken to keep the sofa you sit on every day comfortable and clean. If the cover can be removed from the sofa body, you can wash and clean it at home according to the washing instructions. If you have a spare cover for washing, you can put on and take off the cover in one go, and you can use the sofa even during washing and cleaning. Especially for those who live mainly on the sofa, it is a good idea to have a spare cover. 

For sofas with a non-removable cover, the basic cleaning is to remove dust from the surface with a vacuum cleaner or a soft brush. Also, try applying a fabric spray that has an antifouling effect in advance. If it gets dirty, soak the towel in soapy water and then tap it to remove it. The key to preventing dirt from fixing is to deal with it as soon as possible. 

How to care for a leather sofa 

For leather, vacuum the surface to remove dirt and dust, and if it gets dirty, use a soft cloth or sponge moistened with water to remove it. At that time, it is important to wipe off the water thoroughly. Especially in the case of synthetic leather, if the place where moisture adheres dries, it may cause crevices. To prevent water stains, take precautions such as using a waterproof spray for leather or a protective cream.

05 Find a sofa that you can use for a long time

In order to use the sofa carefully for a long time, we recommend that you choose it while considering the difference in sitting comfort and usability depending on the material. If you are looking for a sofa that is particular about the contents, you will love it. Regularly clean your selection of sofas and add options to suit your lifestyle. I want to choose the ideal sofa that I can understand because it is something I use every day.

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