A women making the bed with fresh linen.

All you need for your first flat

All the things you'll need 

In just 3 points!


1. Recommended sets | 2. Recommended items

3. Recommended textiles


1.  Recommended sets

We selected affordable and useful furniture and accessories to start a new life in your very first apartment. 

All 8 items for your room totally 28,292 yen.

All 4 items for you bedroom 24,787 yen.

All 4 items for your storage for 7,196 yen.

All 2 items for your living room for 14,989 yen.

2. Recommended items



That fit nicely to your lifestyle

When you’re planning to buy furniture for your new home – think about what you’ll need. Especially in small spaces, furniture with multiple ways of use, can really help to use your space.

Like a dining table:

  • Can host friends
  • Can have dinner
  • Can be a workspace too

If you need to save even more space you can consider using a folding chair or extendable table. 

Storage for small spaces

Storage is the key to an organized and happy life!

If your space is limited, choose your storage furniture wisely and based on the things you want to store. Like shelves that can be room dividers, shelves that fit in small spaces, boxes that can be folded and stored away when not in need, or trolleys that can be used for nearly everything.

Don't know where to get started? 

How about arranging storage for your clothes first. You can start with storing unused items with boxes under your bed, place a washing machine shelf and sort the items according to your use. 
To keep the room tidy and not to be overwhelmed with colors and materials, use baskets and boxes to store items inside. 

3. Recommended textiles


Show the true you with textiles

Don’t forget: Curtains and bed linen are your first-night essentials!

Even if your budget is small and your furniture is plain, you can easily add a layer of color and your own expression with textiles like cushions and rugs.

The choice of materials is also important when choosing textiles, like the thickness of curtains, fluffiness of blankets or warmth of your duvet. 

Recommended basic colors

Recommended textile co-ordination