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Scandinavian dinnerware that colors the Japanese table

At IKEA, we have a wide variety of products that matchs various occasions, such as Scandinavian design dinnerware that suits Japanese dining tables and product developed specially for the Japanese people.
If you serve Japanese food with Scandinavian design dinnerware, you can enjoy a different way of enjoying your meal.

DInnerware developed for Japan

Introducing a lineup of dinnerware that the Japanese development team planned and commercialized with a unique size and shape that suits Japanese food culture.

BRUSANDE has a dark blue dot pattern as a motif, and we have dinnerware that suits Japanese dining tables in many different shapes and sizes. The simple and rustic design further enhances the charm of the food. In addition, the Scandinavian design can be incorporated into the places that are usually served with traditional Japanese dinnerware, such as small soy sauce plates and square plates for serving grilled fish, which are usually difficult to serve with Scandinavian dinnerware, making meals even more enjoyable.

FOLIEFORM has a simple and warm design that matches very well when serving Japanese food, and is designed to fit naturally into the Japanese dining table. We have bowls for sering rice and small plates for grilled fish.

The oval TOPPIGHET is perfect for curry and pasta that are often eaten in Japan. The hexagonal small plate can be used for soy sauce and serving small dishes. We have two types, deep blue and black, which you can choose according to the dish.

We also have a variety of dinnerware that suits Japanese dining tables.

ENTUSIASM goes well with Japanese food. Scandinavian and Japanese designs are fused, and there are various ways to enjoy it, such as coordinating not only Japanese food but also Western-style.

This ENTUSIASM is perfect for Japanese teacup. Each design is different, so you can enjoy the variety of the table coordination.

For ramen and pasta, we recommend the deep IKEA 365+ plate. The simple white design makes it easy to use in any situation.In addition, the plate with partitions of the same series is ideal for serving various dishes.

Bamboo is a material that is familiar to Japan. OSTBIT is a bamboo tray that is very durable and very easy to clean.

How about EGENDOM if you want to enjoy your meal outdoors? Enamel-made and durable dinnerware is also recommended for families with children. We have plates, small bowls, and mugs. The design and color are simple and it goes well with any dish.

Dinnerware developed for the Japanese children

This Dinnerware was developed and commercialized in Japan, reflecting the voices of parents who have wanted to eat with ceramic dinnerware since they were a child. The simple design and calm colors makes it easy to coordinate with other dinnerware.

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