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Everyday Eco-bags


Save plastic waste and money every time you use your eco-bag.

Using plastic shopping bags is not only costly, but it is also generating a lot of waste. Even if you re-use the plastic bags for your waste, most plastic bags can not be properly recycled and are either burned, end up in landfills, or in the worst case they are landing in the ocean, where they are a hazard to marine life. Start refusing single-use plastic bags and use your own personal shopper instead!

01 Textile Bag

#Affordable #Multipurpose #Fashionbag #Eco-bag

These beautiful textile bags are ideal for taking home your shopping items. They fold small and fit in every handbag. Keep one of those in your bag, so you're prepared when you shop spontaneously. Netted bags are ideal for fresh fruit and vegetables like onions, potatoes, and apples and can help you save on those flimsy plastic vegetable bags.

02 Small sized bag

#Recommended #LunchBag #GymBag #MyIKEAbag #Eco-bag

Ideal for shopping and carrying smaller items. The wide base of the bags makes it easy to carry items like lunch boxes but is also perfect for grocery shopping. Polypropylene bags are very sturdy and can be cleaned easily, so even if the meat or fish is spilling inside the bag you don't have to worry about it.

You can fit max 4 bottles of 2L size in it!

※Bottles for size reference. Please do not overload bags for your own safety.

I often use a Small bag to carry my Gym clothes and shoes.

03 Medium sized bag

#Recommended #LunchBag #GymBag #MyIKEAbag #Eco-bag

If you're planning to buy more or you're shopping for the whole family we can recommend our medium-sized bags. The handles are soft and are comfortable even when you have to carry heavy items. A zipper bag can be helpful when transporting the bag, so everything stays put.

You can fit max 8 bottles of 2L size in it!

※Bottles for size reference. Please do not overload bags for your own safety.

It’s good to use when I go to Coin laundry, because even wet clothes are no problem for Polypropylene bags!

04 Large sized bag

#Recommended #LunchBag #GymBag #MyIKEAbag #Eco-bag

Heading for a weekend trip? We have the ideal bags for you, that can hold big and voluminous items like bedding or outdoor gear. Taking your bedding to the dry cleaners or planning a day at the park or in the mountains, these bags have your back! The wide base will make sure that your bag won't fall over. If you need some extra protection, chose a bag with a zipper, so nothing can fall out. When you need to take several things, why not use smaller bags to separate them and carry them in one big bag?

You can fit max 18 bottles of 2L size in it!

※Bottles for size reference. Please do not overload bags for your own safety.

I am using this L size bag in summer to store my surf gear or to put my (wet) snowboard gear in winter.

05 Bag Accessories

#Recommended #CoinPurse #KeyChain #AccPouch

Keep a small bag inside your bag for spare change, train tickets, and other small items. Keep your bags tidy and clean to prolong their life, so you can happily use them again and again.
Most of the textile bags can be washed in the washing machine, simply follow the care instruction. For polypropylene bags, it's best to clean them with a sponge and dishwashing detergent. Hang them out to dry to keep them fresh for a long time.

I am using the small bag inside my backpack to keep my commuter pass ticket and some spare coins.
You can attach this bag inside your bags to hold your small items.