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SYMFONISK Picture frame with WiFi speaker, white/smart

Price € 250
SYMFONISK Picture frame with WiFi speaker, black/smart
SYMFONISK Picture frame with WiFi speaker, white/smart

How to get it

WiFi speaker and a picture frame in one makes the sound blend into the home. Choose from various interchangeable fronts, hang SYMFONISK on the wall or put it on the floor. Then enjoy fantastic sound – a collaboration between IKEA and Sonos!

Article Number304.873.25

Product details

Use as the only sound source in a room or complete with your existing products from the SYMFONISK series or Sonos products and easily expand your sound system.

You can stream music, podcasts and radio via WiFi without interruptions from phone calls or notifications. The music keeps playing even when your phone or tablet is not around.

Supports all of the major music streaming subscription services.

All SYMFONISK speakers connect over WiFi so you can create the system you want in your home. Play a podcast in the bedroom while someone else listens to music in the living room, or group all your speakers to play music in sync.

Available with a white or black frame and with different interchangeable fronts, so you can choose the style that suits you and your home.

For best listening experience we recommend that you only use panels from IKEA for your SYMFONISK picture frame speaker.

You can choose to hang it on its own on the wall as an eye-catcher, match it with your other pictures on a wall, place it on the floor or lean it against a wall.

Compatible with Airplay 2 so you can stream audio directly from your Apple devices.

Compatible with Spotify Connect, which means you can stream music directly to the speaker from your Spotify app.

Ideal if you want two identical speakers as rear speakers in a home theater system.

If you want stereo sound, you can buy two identical speakers.

The setup of SYMFONISK is simple, plug in your speaker into the power outlet, download the SONOS app and follow the step by step instructions through the app.


A Fredríksson/J Idrizi

  • Download Sonos app via Google Play or App Store, depending on which mobile device you have.

    Works with the Sonos Home Sound System.

    The speaker's features will be enhanced through continous software updates.

    The services for streaming music vary between different regions, information about your region can be found on the Sonos website.

    To control this AirPlay 2-enabled speaker, iOS 11.4 or later is required.

    Apple and AirPlay are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the USA and other countries.

    You control the speaker with the Sonos S2 app.

    This product is part of our smart home range. Connect it, along with other smart products, to DIRIGERA hub and IKEA Home smart app for more features and functions.

  • Material
    Base/ Front frame/ Button:
    ABS plastic
    Silicone rubber

    Wipe clean with a dry cloth.

Weight & measurements

Width: 41 cm

Height: 57 cm

Depth: 6 cm

Cord length: 350 cm

  • SYMFONISKArticle Number304.873.25

    Width: 44 cm

    Height: 9 cm

    Length: 64 cm

    Weight: 5.25 kg

    Package(s): 1


SinfoniskSusanaI already had a Sonos and wanted a second one for upstairs. It works as expected but it's a big bigger than I thought and being black out stands from all the decoration. Tried to buy covers but couldn't find it. Love the way it works dont love so much the way it looks.3
SYMFONISK Picture frame with WiFi speaker, white/smart

A picture frame speaker that blends art with music

What role does music play in your life? Do you belong to the 74 per cent who feel that music reduces stress? Or the ones who think certain songs mean more to creativity than a cup of coffee? There are plenty of studies that show that music makes people feel good, and together with Sonos, we’ve further developed our SYMFONISK series – WiFi speakers that make sound a part of your interior.

“Sonos are experts in sound experience, and at IKEA we have deep knowledge in home furnishing and life at home. It’s a really good combination to help more people enjoy streamed music and podcasts without speakers that steal space,” says Stjepan Begic who’s been part of the collaboration around SYMFONISK. “We challenge each other and find new solutions. Like the combined picture frame and WiFi speaker – none of us would have been able to develop it on our own.

Tech that blends in

But, how can a thin picture that blends in with other art on your wall generate stunning sound? Sara Morris, Senior Principal Product Manager at Sonos, explains: ”By working together with the designers we were able to keep the thin edge of the picture frame while hiding a deeper acoustic volume behind it. Together with a waveguide, this let us make big room filling sound from what looks like a thin speaker.” Like all other SYMFONISK speakers, the picture frame can be integrated with Sonos speakers and become a part of a bigger sound system.

Form design process

SYMFONISK fills more rooms with music

Sonos are experts in sound experience, and at IKEA we have knowledge in home furnishing and life at home. It’s a really good combination to help more people enjoy streamed music and podcasts without speakers that steal valuable space. Together we have developed our speaker series SYMFONISK with a picture frame with WiFi speaker that becomes a part of your interior and spreads the sound exactly where you want it.