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Table bar system

Looking for a new desk but can’t find your perfect fit? Build your own by combining your favourite tabletop, legs, trestles or other element such as a drawer unit – most combinations are possible and the result is a custom desk that really suits you.

Why not try our build your own desk planner.

Prepare to find your perfect match

In search for a new desk but can’t find the right one? Build your dream desk from scratch by combining tabletop, legs, trestles or other elements, like castors or a drawer unit. The result is a desk customised for your specific home and needs.

A colourful room with a workspace flanked by two blue HELMER drawer units on castors and a NILSERIK standing support.
A white ALEX desk with drawer unit and a MULLFJÄLLET chair with ARÖD lamp with a woman sat on the windowsill in the background
A dimly sunlit workspace with a table on castors, a LÅNGFJÄLL conference chair, a big nearby plant and leopard-pattern shoes.
A vibrantly coloured space with a swivel chair and a slim-legged table in the middle, placed on a geometric-pattern rug.
A dimly sunlit corner of a light room, with a minimalistic workspace consisting of a slimline table and a swivel chair.
A sunlit room with a long, five-legged desk combined by an oak-effect LAGKAPTEN tabletop and black ADILS legs.

Customise your desk with our planner tool

Plan your desk in detail and get it just right for its placement in your home, from measurements to style. The planner tool guides you through every step.

See the desk planner tool