METOD kitchens

METOD kitchens to match your style

With the METOD system you have endless of possibilities when designing your kitchen. Whether you have a taste for the traditional, love the minimalism in modern style or land somewhere in between, you’ll surely find something that fits you.

See all METOD kitchen fronts
See all METOD kitchen fronts

Kitchen layout ideas

Design your kitchen to fit your home and your lifestyle. Think about how you use your kitchen and what feels comfortable for you. Consider what you like about your existing kitchen and what you would change. It can be helpful to make a list of the things you'd like to keep and what you'd like to replace.

Use our guide to discover what layout will work the best for you and your needs.

A linear IKEA kitchen with BODBYN door fronts.

Linear kitchens are perfect when space is limited. They're simple, streamlined and look great.

A parallel kitchen with IKEA COXTORP walnut effect door and drawer fronts.

Parallel kitchens are ideal if you have a small space with a door or window at either end. There is lots of room for food preparation and storage too.

An L-shaped IKEA kitchen with green BODARP door and drawer fronts.

L-shaped kitchens make the most out of a corner. They're ideal if you want to add a small dining table or kitchen island as well.

A grey IKEA VOXTORP kitchen with island and stools.

Adding an island to your kitchen gives you extra storage, lots of work space plus it's a great social point. Give yourself 120cm between your island and other cabinets.

A U-shaped kitchen with IKEA VOXTORP white door and drawer fronts.

If you have a large room the U-shaped layout is ideal. It gives you maximum space and plenty of storage options.

A place for everything

Behind a door you can find pull-out organisers for your cleaning equipment, organisers keeping all your pot lids in perfect order, or a great bunch of fully extendable drawers making everything easy to reach. Not to mention drawers inside drawers allowing you to utilise the cabinet space to a maximum. It’s really up to you what goes inside your kitchen cabinets.

Shop interior fittings
Shop interior fittings
A METOD kitchen with AXSTAD fronts and doors, chrome handles and white marbled splashbacks.

METOD kitchens – quality designed to last

We’ve had over 50 years’ experience developing dream kitchens at affordable prices. We design them to be tough and smart so they can become your favourite room to spend time in for years to come. We are so confident in the quality of our METOD kitchens, we offer you a 25-year guarantee.

25 year guarantee