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What to think of when renewing an office space

Many people spend more time at work than they do at home, so it’s important that the workplace feels inspiring and inviting. If you’re thinking of redesigning your workplace, ask yourself which tasks you’ll be completing every day. And keep in mind that the more we move, the better we feel.

Office space with open and closed storage, shelves as room dividers, work desks, seating, plants and hanging posters.
Office space with open and closed storage, shelves as room dividers, work desks, seating, plants and hanging posters.

Informal meeting zones

Reading and chatting zones are easily created, with comfortable armchairs, open bookcases and mood lighting. Spaces that allow teams to relax can lead them to new ideas. And when they feel more connected, they’ll feel healthier and be more productive.

Office meeting space with four chairs around a nest of coffee tables with a cup and papers on top and plants.

Flexible conference rooms

Even a conference room can use a lift. Heavy furniture that has begun to feel dated, uncomfortable and uninspiring can be replaced with something new. You can focus on comfortable, ergonomic chairs, tables and cabinets that can be quickly moved around for those times when ideas need a lot of space.

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A conference room with a large table and many chairs around it, a plant in the window and a man at work by a computer.
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Multifunctional furniture

It’s good to be flexible. No matter how big or small your workspace is, focusing on smart furniture that’s multifunctional will allow for more spontaneity and flexibility. Open shelves work as great room dividers, and the metal mesh means you can use them as notice boards too.

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White storage units with earphones and clipboards hanging from them, items placed on top and wooden shelves behind.
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Keep in mind that the more we move, the better we feel. A height adjustable desk and ergonomic chair can help with increasing personal comfort, whether it’s adapting how you sit or stand, adjusting lumbar support, etc. Switching between sitting and standing during the day helps strengthen your core and improves your metabolism.

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An ergonomic swivel chair in an office, by a work desk with a computer screen, a cup, a glass and a work lamp.
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The charging details

Think of the details when you’re planning your office. Being able to charge phones and tablets and getting cords out of the way works wonders for shared spaces.

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Two work lamps that charge mobile devices, on work desks with pencils and brushes in containers.
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Closed storage

Cabinets with drawers make great work surfaces and storage space that’s easy to keep organised and clutter free. You can beat clutter inside the drawers with small organising boxes to make it easier to find office supplies.

An office with yellow and white walls, white storage with some drawers open, pegboards on the wall with various items.

Open storage

Open storage gives an airy feel to an office and is great for displaying art, plants and decoration. Choose storage that matches the colour and style of your space and highlight the pieces that represent your company.

An open storage unit in white with decorative items on top, various boxes, books, files and work items on the shelves.

Let the light flow

Take advantage of natural light. If you can, replace walls with glass partitions. Opt for low storage units and room dividers. Choose dimmable overhead lights and desk lamps so that you’ll always have the right amount of light to suit the time of day and your needs.

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A workspace with lots of desks, swivel chairs and computer screens, storage and hanging lighting.
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The impact of colour

Choose colours wisely. Some colours, like orange, red and yellow, are energising. Others like blue or green are calming. Make sure you have a good balance of stimulating and soothing shades when planning your colours.

Blue closed storage cabinets against a greyish wall, one of the doors open with files, a bag and various items inside.

Food for thought

Don’t forget to schedule a break with fruit, nibbles or baked goods to keep energy levels high. Snacks and drinks are easily available at IKEA.

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A flat glass serving dish filled with colourful cakes, beside a deeper glass dish full of fruit on a white table top.
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This solution contains a mix of articles developed for domestic and non-domestic use. Please verify that your purchases are compliant and suitable for their intended use in your area. Contact IKEA for Business for more information about the range.