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Shop gifts that welcome them into their new home

Buying a new home is a lot to think about, thankfully there's no secret to the perfect housewarming gift. Just think about what will help them get settled into their new pad best, and we've got a few ideas to get you started. 

A pastle pink vase sits on a shelf, with a lit candle in a glass vase. A picture frame can be seen also.

A new home filled with little treats

A housewarming gift is always a welcome treat for the new owner, so it's good to have a few ideas ready. Such as a cake stand with a tasty treat filling their home with new smells, or perhaps a picture frame with images of times you've spent together, housewarming gifts can be anything that says welcome to your new home.

The housewarming after party

New homes become messy quickly, especially when we're carrying in box after box of your belongings and trying to decide where everything should live. The PEPPRIG series of cleaning accessories helps to keep everything in their new home free of dust and dirt and they come in extra handy when you're helping to tidy up after the party!

See the PEPPRIG series
See the PEPPRIG series

Gifts for the parties in their new pad

Nothing says housewarming like plenty of food and drink. These gifts are for those unforgettable party moments, making their guests feel more at home, in their new home. Just add fizz and sweet treats.

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See all cookware and tableware