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Modular sofas

Feeling creative or know exactly what you want? Buy modular sofas that can be personalised exactly as you want them. We have 3-seat and 4-seat sofas, chaise lounges, corner sofas and more! Browse our collection and shop your favourite modular leather sofa corner online from IKEA.

Create your dream sofa

Whether you want a compact sofa or a big seating area, this modular sofa lets you mix and match different combos to suit your unique living style. With even more variety of fabric covers, this sofa is supremely comfy and comes with handy storage underneath to keep extra blankets or cushions.

See the JÄTTEBO series
A green JÄTTEBO sofa with earthy coloured cushions sits in front of a window with a big house plant.
A close-up of a person sitting on the edge of beige JÄTTEBO sofa. The person is pressing down showing its firmness.
A warmly-lit living room with a shelving unit against the wall. A beige JÄTTEBO sofa with cushions sits next to a small table.
A green JÄTTEBO sofa opens up to reveal under seat storage containing a colourful cushion. Underneath is a green rug.
A person is lying back with their head resting on a green JÄTTEBO seat cushion. There’s another cushion supporting their neck.
See the JÄTTEBO series

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Pick your perfect series to snuggle up on

KIVIK series – Cuddle up in comfort with this sofa’s wide seats, low armrests and memory foam
SÖDERHAMN series – Customisable and extremely comfortable, with deep seats and loose back cushions for extra support
ÄPPLARYD series – Elegant simplicity with sleek lines and spacious seats

Get help designing your sofa, your way

What are modular sofas?

IKEA modular sofas are made up of separate sections that may be put together in a variety of ways to match the space at hand and satisfy your own requirements. This allows for easier design and function flexibility because the pieces are simple to attach to and detach from one another.

What are the benefits of having a modular sofa?

The main benefits of IKEA modular sofas is that they can be arranged into practically any desired shape. You can start out small and simply add on sections whenever you need to, or easily rearrange and downsize when the mood hits you. To make sure you can design your sectional sofa just the way you want, we offer a wide selection of individual pieces. Pick a corner unit that’ll slide nicely into place in every corner of your room. Add a chaise end for that comfortable extra leg space when binge-watching your favourite TV show, or simply adapt your sofa when you feel like it with armless units.

What are the different types of modular sofas?

There are different types of IKEA modular sofas, including sectional, corner, sofa beds, modular sofa systems, armchair and chaise lounges, and outdoor modular sofas. -The sectional sofas are made up of separate pieces that can be arranged to fit any space.-Corner sofas are designed to fit into corners. -Modular sofa systems are made up of individual modules that can be combined to create a customized configuration. -Armchair and chaise lounges can be added to sectional or corner sofas to provide additional seating or lounging space.