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Mattress toppers

Place a memory foam mattress pad on your mattress for a comfier night’s sleep. It’ll help keep your mattress in better condition, too. Easily shop mattress toppers with various fillings & materials. They are also easy to remove, air & clean - perfect for daily freshness. Buy mattress topper online.

What's a mattress topper for?

A mattress topper similar to mattress pad helps you keep your bed fresher and additionally provides extra comfort to your mattress. The mattress topper absorbs moist and sweat from your body instead of letting it sink into the mattress. At IKEA, mattress toppers have either memory -foam, foam or latex filling materials. Some of our IKEA mattress toppers also have covers that can be removed and machine washed, making them even easier to keep them clean and fresh.

How do mattress pads work?

Mattress pads guarantee a healthier mattress, as they absorb moist and sweat from your body instead of letting it sink into the mattress. Easy to clean, take it out of bed and air mattress pads. Some of our mattress pads also have covers that can be removed and washed, making them even easier to keep clean and fresh.

What's the difference between a mattress topper and a mattress pad?

Mattress pads and toppers serve the same purpose of protecting your mattress and providing comfort. However, mattress pads add a soft and silky layer to your bed, while mattress toppers come in a thicker form while enhancing or changing the feel of your mattress. Both protector your mattress from wear and tear and help prolong its life.

What is the softest mattress topper?

 IKEA KNAPSTAD is a Memory foam mattress topper that molds to your body relieves pressure and helps you relax. Stretch fabric on the topside of the mattress pad moves with you to maximize comfort.

What is a better memory foam or gel mattress topper?

 IKEA Memory foam mattress topper molds to your body relieving pressure and helping you relax. The Gel layered Memory foam Mattress topper takes a longer time to warm up creating a cooler sleeping surface. Available in various sizes

How to buy a mattress topper?

 Mattress pads give you the opportunity to change the characteristics of your mattress and keep it fresh longer. Buying a mattress pad depends on different factors, such as your mattress type & size, preferred material, and budget.

What thickness should a mattress topper be?

Mattress Topper should be between 3.5cm to 8 cm thick to provide support & comfort to the body. Select the best mattress pads from IKEA's wide range of Memory-foam, foam & Latex mattress pads, available in 4 sizes.

 Are mattress toppers available for king-size beds?

 IKEA Mattress toppers of King size 180x200cm are available in a wide range of options based on quality & type

How to put on a mattress protector?

1- Put the mattress in a lengthwise standing position.
2- Open the zippered cover and insert the protector from the top side of the mattress.
3-  Pull it down to fit well.
4-  Place the mattress flat and pull the mattress protector easily.

What is the best mattress topper for side sleepers?

For side sleepers, IKEA recommends that they also use a mattress pad as this provides additional surface comfort – soft or firm, depending on the thickness and material. Mattress pads are available in several different qualities at IKEA.

How often should you wash a mattress topper?

IKEA mattress pad covers can be removed and machine washed. Most of our range is machine-washable at 60°C to get rid of tough stains and dust mites. We recommend changing mattress pads frequently, as they become less comfortable with age.