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Embrace the Ramadan spirit

Discover IKEA's Ramadan 2023 collection and bring the spirit of the holy month into your home. Browse our range of Ramadan decorations, furniture, and accessories designed to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for your family and friends. 

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The holy month of Ramadan,you've been all waiting for, is finally here! Prepare your home for Ramadan with our collection. Let's make the most of our family gatherings!

Ramadan collection

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    How do people decorate their homes during Eid?
    During Ramadan, decorating your home will give it a festive atmosphere. Here are some ways you can decorate during Eid:-Hang up some lights: IKEA has a variety of  decorative lighting options that can help create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your home. You can hang up some pendant lamps or lanterns in different parts of your home to add a touch of sparkle.-Add some greenery: Plants can help bring life and color to your home during Eid. You can add some potted plants or flowers to your living room or dining table to create a natural feel. IKEA has a wide range of affordable planters and pots to choose from.-Use colorful textiles: Add some colourful cushion covers, throws, or tablecloths to your home to make it feel more festive. IKEA has a variety of affordable textiles in different colours and patterns that can help you create an inviting space.-Set up a festive table: A beautifully set table can make any occasion feel special. Use some colorful placemats, napkins, and  table linen to create a festive table setting. You can also add some decorative plates and glasses to complete the look.

    Are there specific types of flowers or plants that are popular for Eid home decorations?
    Flowers and plants are commonly used to enhance the beauty and fragrance of Eid decorations in your home. Some popular choices include roses, lilies, orchids, jasmine, and potted plants such as ferns, succulents, and bonsai trees.  Potted plants are also excellent for adding natural beauty to Eid decorations, and they can be placed on tables, shelves, or outdoors.

    What types of lights are used for Ramadan decorations?
    For Ramadan decorations, you can use IKEA string lights or lanterns to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. String lights can be hung on walls, windows, or wrapped around pillars, while lanterns can be hung from ceilings or placed on tables.  These lights are available in a range of colours and sizes, and will surely add the sparkle you're looking for during Ramadan celebrations.

    How do people typically set up their Eid tables?
    To set up an Eid table, consider the overall theme or colour scheme of the decorations. Eid tables are often decorated with table linens, and adorned with decorative items such as flower arrangements, lanterns, and candle holders and candles. IKEA offers a variety of table cloths and runners, tableware, and napkins that can be used to match the desired theme. 

    How do people decorate their outdoor spaces, such as patios or balconies, for Eid?
    To decorate outdoor spaces like patios or balconies for Eid, you may use string lights, lanterns, and colourful fabrics to create a festive atmosphere. Plants and flowers can also be used to add natural beauty and fragrance to the space. IKEA has a wide range of decorative items that are perfect for Ramadan celebrations with friends and family.