Price Range (baht)
SILVERÅN wash-basin cabinet with 1 door Wash-stand width: 40 cm Depth: 38 cm Height: 67.6 cm
wash-basin cabinet with 1 door
THB 2,000
Wash-stand width: 40 cm, Depth: 38 cm, Height: 67.6 cm
RÖNNSKÄR wash-basin shelf, black Depth: 42 cm Height: 70.0 cm Width: 57 cm
wash-basin shelf
THB 790
Depth: 42 cm, Height: 70.0 cm, Width: 57 cm
FULLEN wash-basin cabinet, white Depth: 39 cm Height: 79 cm Width: 60 cm
wash-basin cabinet
THB 1,250
Depth: 39 cm, Height: 79 cm, Width: 60 cm
GODMORGON leg, stainless steel, round Min. height: 22 cm Max. height: 25 cm
THB 300
Min. height: 22 cm, Max. height: 25 cm
SILVERÅN leg, grey Min. height: 11.5 cm Max. height: 17 cm Package quantity: 2 pieces
THB 400
/2 pieces
Min. height: 11.5 cm, Max. height: 17 cm, Package quantity: 2 pieces
SILVERÅN wash-basin cabinet with 2 doors, white Wash-stand width: 60 cm Depth: 25 cm Height: 67.6 cm
wash-basin cabinet with 2 doors
THB 2,500
Wash-stand width: 60 cm, Depth: 25 cm, Height: 67.6 cm


  • Washstands in lots of different designs

    You’ll keep your bathroom clear from clutter with one of our washstands or washbasin cabinets. We have washstands in lots of designs, classic and contemporary, wood and metal. You can pick up washstand cabinets complete with doors and drawers to tuck away your toiletries or opt for a simple open frame. After something in wood for a warm, natural feel? Then check out our washstands in a wood/wood veneer mix or our open frames made of solid birch. We have washbasins to match all our washstands, so you can pick up everything you need at the same time or we can have the lot delivered to your door.

  • Washstands with built-in sinks

    If you prefer, we also have lots of bathroom washstands with built-in washbasins. Available with single or double sinks, you can choose from lots of designs. They have a choice of storage solutions, like two or four drawers, so you each get your own and no one pinches your toothpaste! Don’t forget we’ve got lots of other stuff to help organise your bathroom too, from bathroom sets that coordinate with our washstands to matching cabinets and mirrors. You can even get drawer organisers and boxes or baskets for little stuff like make-up, so you can find everything in the morning when you’re half awake and trying to get ready for work.