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Mixing & measuring tools

A good mix of tools

Getting your recipes right is quicker and easier with the right measuring and mixing tools. And the sooner you get the ingredients mixed, the sooner you (and any young assistants) get to lick the spoon!

Two measuring jugs made of heat-resistant glass, one 0.5 litre and one 1 litre.
Getting the decilitres right
Use VARDAGEN measuring jugs in heat-resistant glass when measuring up food or liquids, then stick them in the dishwasher.
ALLEHANDA mixing bowl with lid, green Diameter: 28 cm Height: 14 cm Volume: 4 l
mixing bowl with lid
¥ 1,299
Diameter: 28 cm, Height: 14 cm, Volume: 4 l
Pour some love into your batter
Heart-shaped pastry cutters, rolling pin and measuring cups, seen from above. VARDAGEN Measuring cup, set of 5 ¥ 149 PEPPARKAKA DEG Gingerbread dough ¥ 441 VARDAGEN Measuring jug ¥ 499 VINTER 2016 Pastry cutter, set of 2 ¥ 249 MAGASIN Rolling pin ¥ 599
ALLEHANDA mixing bowl with lid, green Diameter: 23 cm Height: 11.5 cm Volume: 2 l
mixing bowl with lid
¥ 799
Diameter: 23 cm, Height: 11.5 cm, Volume: 2 l
IDEALISK jug, graduated, stainless steel Height: 13.5 cm Volume: 1 l
¥ 899
Height: 13.5 cm, Volume: 1 l
BENUNGE jug, transparent Height: 13 cm Volume: 0.6 l
¥ 599
Height: 13 cm, Volume: 0.6 l