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Home Furnishings & Textiles

We're all just a bunch of softies

With home furnishings, it is the soft, fluffy textiles that make a place your own. A rug in your favourite colour, curtains you have sewn yourself, or new bed linens that have give your pad a whole fresh new look. Home is this place that invites you to get comfy and stay a while.

Tips for adding a soft touch
Home office with IKEA patterned curtains and blinds
Bedroom with colourful IKEA curtains and a blackout blind
Living room with IKEA curtains and a blind
Bedroom with IKEA curtains and blackout blinds
Hand-made panel curtains with different patterns made of IKEA fabrics
 Sewing-machine, white Sewing thread, red/dark blue, yellow/green
Clearing up is easy when everything has a place. Stay on-trend during the annual big clean by creating your own fabric basket inspired by our abstract colourway – perfect for all your busy life bits and bobs.
How to make a fabric basket
A softer hardcore
Boldly traditional and simply Swedish
Display of multicoloured textiles and rattan chests
“With the ÅKERKULLA textile collection I was inspired by old Swedish country weddings, unmatched textiles, delicate summer flowers, etc. The old wreaths and medallions on the wallpaper in my grandparent’s house were also with me when I painted the patterns.”
Designer Eva Lundgreen
ÅKERFRÄKEN Quilt cover and 2 pillowcases € 25.00 ÅKERKULLA Cushion € 20.00   BYHOLMA Chest € 65.00 ELVILDA Cushion cover € 6.00 HELSINGE Rug, low pile € 60.00 TERJE Folding chair € 14.00 HEMNES Linen cabinet € 250.00   MÖRKT Lantern for candle in metal cup € 13.00 ÅKERKULLA Cushion cover € 8.00 ÅKERKULLA Cushion cover € 6.00 ÅKERKULLA Fabric € 6.00
When childhood memories are transformed into textile patterns
After living in Japan for five years and Italy for 13, Sweden and Swedishness are more important than ever for designer Eva Lundgreen. That’s why working with ÅKERKULLA textile collection was very sentimental. A longing for her homeland combined with nostalgic memories of spending summers on her grandparent’s farm when she was a child. Now she captured it all on a quilt cover, cushions and rugs.
Swedish folk art patterns and folklore are close to Eva Lundgreen’s heart. So when she was asked to design a textile collection based on old Swedish folk culture, Eva shouted for joy inside. Maybe it was because she was in the middle of Tokyo at the time, a world that is very far from the farm in northern Sweden where she spent her summers as a child. It was just the memories and feelings from those summers that determined the colours and designs on the ÅKERKULLA textile collection.
Eva browsed through old books of crochet patterns and looked at lots of old photos, but it was medallion wallpaper, floral porcelain and her grandmother’s heavy silk quilt that inspired her the most.
“I loved country life on the farm – and in my memory, it’s glorified and nostalgic. I remember large strawberry fields and potato and carrot crops, all the animals on the farm and the memory of riding in a hay cart,” says Eva with a tinge of nostalgia in her voice.
It was actually during a trip to Malaysia at Christmas time that the memories came back to her – and the ideas started to roll. In that relaxing environment, inspiration flourished and Eva sketched and painted several patterns that she then collected in a little folder with her basic ideas for the collection. A folder that she would later send to IKEA in Sweden.
“I had thought a lot about the foundation that I wanted to base the collection on. There’s an underlying Swedish tone in everything I do, where there’s room for cheerfulness and playfulness in the midst of the somewhat strict,” says Eva. That really went home with IKEA. Nearly all of Eva’s initial sketches were used to create the ÅKERKULLA textile collection. Here you can find florals in all forms. On a panel curtain, a quilt cover, cushions, rugs and metre fabrics. Just like in Eva’s grandparent’s home.
Designer thought Eva Lundgreen:“In my work with the ÅKERKULLA textile collection I was inspired by old Swedish country weddings, unmatched textiles, delicate summer flowers etc. Memories of the old wreaths and medallions on the wallpaper in my grandparent’s wooden house were with me when I painted and worked on the patterns. So were the heavy silk quilts and my grandmother’s fine breakfast porcelain. It became a collection filled with all different types of florals.
ÅKERKULLA fabricSewing machineInner cushionSewing kit
Handmade is so hip right now, and we want you to have your own ‘I made this myself!’ moment. Bold new ÅKERKULLA fabric is available by the metre and it couldn’t be easier to turn it into this striking envelope cushion – watch the video to see how.
Make your own easy-peasy cushion
Download PDF instructions
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Brighten your table from below
Mix of rugs in different colours and sizes
Want to freshen up your dining area? Try thinking under the table. Rugs with a low pile are much easier to vacuum or sweep to keep crumb-free. Plus, they dampen sounds, so your after dinner conversations won’t have to be hushed.
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BJÖRNLOKA Rug, flatwoven € 250.00 PERSISK KELIM GASHGAI Rug, flatwoven € 325.00 LAPPLJUNG RUTA Rug, low pile € 60.00 HELSINGE Rug, low pile € 60.00
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