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UPPFYLLD Preparation bowl, mixed colours,

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The pros call it "mise en place" – to have everything in order and in its place in the kitchen. These 3 preparation bowls make it easy to plan your cooking and also sort any leftover organic food waste.

Article number205.151.64

Product details

The bowls help you to cook like the pros with the help of the concept "mise en place" – everything in its own place. They make it easier to both prepare food and collect peels, tops and other food waste.

UPPFYLLD preperation bowls are perfect when you need to prepare food while keeping the worktop and chopping board areas organised.

Place the preparation bowl under the chopping board and push the chopped or sliced veggies, meat and other food through the bowl´s side opening when they’re ready.

A tip is to use one of the bowls for organic food waste while preparing food, making it easier to stay organised and making cleaning up go faster.

The bowl’s bottom is only 1 mm thick at the side opening, so it doesn’t affect the stability of the chopping board.

The preparation bowls are stackable so they take up less space when you store them.

When the bowl is full, it’s simple to lift it away from the chopping board and pour the ingredients into the frying pan, over the salad or wherever you need them.

The UPPFYLLD series brings colour to your kitchen.


K Gouriou/W Chong

  • Material
    Polystyrene plastic

    Handwash only.


Package quantity: 3 pack

Diameter: 18 cm

Height: 5 cm

  • UPPFYLLDArticle number205.151.64

    Length: 8 cm

    Weight: 0.18 kg

    Diameter: 18 cm

    Package(s): 1