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GRILLSKÄR Kitchen island w side table, stainless steel/outdoor, 93/116x61 cm

GRILLSKÄR Kitchen island w side table, stainless steel/outdoor,

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Gather family and friends to cook together outdoors. With GRILLSKÄR you can easily create a complete outdoor kitchen with lots of cooking options. Fresh air, sunshine and great flavours are on the menu!

Article number094.952.28

Product details

The work surface is made of stainless steel – a hygienic, hardwearing and durable material that is resistant to rust and easy to clean.

Just as suitable outdoors by the grill as indoors in a laundry room.

Perfect to have close to the grill so you can prepare food and place dirty bowls, plates and knives in the sink bowl to keep the work surface free. Just as you do in your indoor kitchen.

There is plenty of space on the shelves for detergents or barbecue tools and bowls.

The movable shelf is made of steel and has a durable, powder-coated surface that is easy to wipe dry.

Enjoy extra space to put things on by attaching this foldable side table to one of the larger units in the GRILLSKÄR series, for example the kitchen island or the barbeque.

You save space when side the table is not in use since it can be folded down.


Min. length: 93 cm

Max. length: 116 cm

Width: 61 cm

Height: 92 cm